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Step Two: Learn How to Anticipate When Irresistible Forces Will Shift

Mar 26, 2008
"If the window of opportunity appears, don't pull down the shade." --Tom Peters

Measuring irresistible forces after they have been operating for some time is obviously less valuable than anticipating the beginning of, or changes in the direction of such irresistible forces. In the realm of economics, much attention is placed on "leading indicators" that are used to predict the future direction of the economy.

In this article you can learn how to find such leading indicators of the irresistible forces that affect your enterprise, and determine which measurements are best for anticipating important changes or rapidly identifying that such important changes have already occurred.

Understand the Importance of Tracking Trends

Managers can easily become confused by not knowing what to do with their initial measurements of the company's internal and external environments. Some measurements will prove to be good at anticipating, some at describing what is happening now, and some at providing insight into the past.

To be most effective with irresistible forces, your organization needs to identify and pay close attention to those that allow you to anticipate and measure what is already happening in order to prepare for and adapt to irresistible forces.

How Low Can You Go?

From one year to the next, the length of women's skirts usually changes in response to the wearers' desire for novelty. Once established, the trend in length generally continues unabated in the same direction towards shorter or longer until an extreme is reached.

Let's move forward to the next time that skirts are so long that they touch the ground. For practical reasons, it's safe to assume they won't get any longer. And only slightly shorter skirts won't appeal to many women because the look won't be different enough to be fresh.

So you can predict that when skirts reach maximum length, the women will next choose a fashion that goes in a totally new direction. You have just found a leading indicator of an irresistible force change. The irresistible force is the desire of many women to appear both different than before and up-to-date.

If you sell fabric to dress manufacturers, you need to get a handle on what the new fashion is likely to be because these designs will probably involve different fabrics from the ones you are selling now. If you don't prepare, you'll be stuck with the wrong goods. Being aware of the fashion trends leading indicators will keep you ahead of the game.
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