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Filipino Maids: Philippines' Pride

Mar 26, 2008
Many Filipinos are leaving their native country, the Philippines, to search for a better life, for a better future for their families. Many of these Filipinos end up working as Filipino maids in foreign lands, particularly in the United States, England, Italy, Greece, France, and in practically every country of the globe.

In certain countries abroad, such as in England, only the wealthy and the powerful can afford the services of a female Filipino servant, so having one at home only indicates that that family belongs to the upper class. The rich in Italy have also taken notice of the good qualities of a Filipino servant.

Working as Filipino helpers should not be looked upon with disdain and embarrassment. After all, while the job entails many laborious and dirty work, Filipino maidservants are excelling in this kind of business abroad. In fact, they are even admired by their foreign employers because of the quality of service that they render coupled with their honesty, loyalty and sincere dedication to duty.

Filipino helpers have other distinct qualities and characteristics that ultimately give them the upper hand over other maids coming from other countries. For one, only a maid from the Philippines can stand getting up in the wee hours of the morning and sleeping very late at night to do household chores. Also, nobody else but a Filipino servant can bear cleaning the toilet bowls or doing other dirty jobs while still keeping a smile on her face.

Another advantage that a Filipino servant can have over maids from other nationalities is their knack to speak and understand the English language. Filipinos are generally more learned and educated. They understand English better, and can speak the language with ease and confidence that can be rarely found in maids coming from other countries. Also, they are more easily able to adapt to the speaking dialect of the country they are in, wherever that may be.

Filipino helpers are also known for their ability to establish a close bond with their employers. Being far away from home, they have nobody else but each other, so in many cases, they consider their employers to be members of their own family.

In some countries, to have a Filipino servant is a status symbol. In England, the aristocracy, celebrities, and millionaires hire Filipino helpers to their household. Filipino helpers are also among the higher paid servants since they impress their boss with their quality service. Filipino helpers in Italy are also prized for their good work. They even tell their employers how much salary they want to receive. In Greece, a household is considered middle class if it hires Albanian servants; while a household with a Filipino servant is hailed as rich.

Filipino maids in foreign lands are a pride of the Philippines. They give honor and prestige to their mother country because of their dedication and loyalty in the performance of their job abroad.
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About the Author :
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