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Supermaids: The Greatest Domestic Helpers from the Philippines

Mar 26, 2008
No less than the President of the Philippines, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, brands domestic helpers from the Philippines as supermaids, a term, they, indeed, so richly deserve. These domestic helpers have, for years, endured the loneliness and pain of being far away from home in order to be able to give their families a better life. Because of this, they have been well appreciated and admired by people all over the world.

The pay for domestic helpers in other countries is much higher compared to the salary they would otherwise be receiving in their own country. In the Philippines, a domestic helper who is basically new in the field can earn as much as only $20.00 a month. Those with more experience can earn around $30.00 to roughly just $40.00 a month.

They were formerly known as DH - short cut for domestic helpers. Now, these domestic helpers from the Philippines, as initiated by Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, are now called supermaids. Indeed, their new title fits their superhero-like prowess.Just like Super Man and other superheroes, these domestic helpers from the Philippines seem to showcase titan-like energy. They can do house chores before the sun rises and rest close or after the midnight. They are all around. They can be housekeepers, cooks, baby sitters, and care givers. Just name it, and a Filipina will never say no.

But what pushes a Filipina from leaving her country and working abroad? To think of leaving your country and serve strangers in other countries is martyrdom. To abandon your family and not seeing your children grow is very sad. But they have an option. Most domestic helpers from the Philippines are sole breadwinners of their families. And to stay working abroad ensures their family of stability, at least in financial terms.

Further, they are found to be full of life and bursting with enthusiasm, even if they are assigned to do some dirty jobs. They seldom ever complain, and they can work for very long hours from dawn to midnight. Moreover, they can do a multitude of tasks, from babysitting, caregiving, cooking, and doing household chores. Because of these traits, they are very much admired not only by their foreign employers, but by almost everyone around the world.

Indeed, to have a Filipina in a foreign household is a pride to an employee. In England, royalties, elites, and rich businessmen have Filipina servants. So as in Italy and France. In Greece, a family is considered well-to-do if they have a maid coming from the Philippines.

It is without a doubt that domestic helpers from the Philippines are wanted by employers from foreign countries. In England, for example, they are the preferred choice of servants by the rich, including royal families and wealthy businessmen.

These Filipina domestic helpers are wanted, too, and desired of in France and Italy. In Greece, it is almost an indication of wealth to be able to hire a Filipina maid.
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