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Which Types Of Leadership Work Best?

Mar 26, 2008
There are many types of leadership approaches. However, when we think of defining leadership, there are mainly two definitions.

The word "leader" usually brings to mind someone who is a leader of a group or an industry. We might also picture someone who is leading the way in business or in sports. The leader in golf would be someone like Tiger Woods, while Apple is the leading brand in portable music devices.

On the contrary, leadership is much, much more than a person leading a group or leading in sports. People who try to lead a group of people usually give orders, or try to trick others into doing what the "leader" is telling them to do.

Negative experiences have taught people to be leery of so-called "leaders." They don't want someone tricking or taking advantage of them.

There are different types of leadership to pursue, but you need to stay away from anything that involves deceit and mistrust. Your credibility is shattered once your followers realize you're deceiving them.

You need integrity in order to create trust in your followers. They have to believe you'll do what you say you'll do. You walk the talk.

One of the most common ways leaders hurt their reputation is by making promises that they can't deliver on. It's important to be careful about what you say.

Being cautious with your promises will not turn people off. They will realize that you will only make promises that you will keep. They will simply be better followers because you won't need to back out of promises that you couldn't keep.

What if you promised one of your employees that you are going to give them a raise next year? That is a problem.

A raise is often out of your hands, particularly if you don't know how well the company is going to do this year. It's better to think about approaching the subject of a raise in regards to your followers meeting sales goals.

Keeping your promises will occasionally be inconvenient. Even so, keeping them will only be to your benefit. If you should ever find yourself unable to make good on a promise, you should apologize and come up with a compromise.

Integrity will go a long way in all types of leadership. The leaders who enjoy the most success are the ones with integrity.
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