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How You Can Leverage Your Knowledge To Become An Expert, Part 2

Aug 17, 2007
For cash-strapped entrepreneurs, one of the easiest ways to increase your Web site traffic, sales for your online business or service, or turn browsers into clients, hinges on you becoming known as an expert in your field. Elevating your status by writing timely and useful articles can get you known as the "go-to" guy or girl in your industry.

In addition, these types of articles bring business owners and other professionals, free publicity, which turns into sales. Regardless of your level of formal education and your writing ability, you can still position yourself as an expert on a very small budget.

According to Merriam-Webster, and expert is anyone "Having, involving, or displaying special skill or knowledge." My definition is as follows: "You become an expert when you know something others wished they knew."

Therefore by repurposing your intellectual knowledge for maximum exposure, you become an expert. Using the knowledge you possess about a certain field, you become a value-added employee, partner business owner or service provider.

For example, I started writing articles on writing as well as marketing articles like this to help people with their books and their small businesses. My niche centers upon what I call common, everyday men and women who want to write a book, but may not know how to go about it or may not have the resources to self-publish.

But I could very well write on any industry, once I study it and see what nuances it presents. This includes writing about my short-lived career as a hog-farmer and my very first real job as a porter at a women's clothing store.

I recommend that you start by developing your passion. Take what you already know, and then build on your own strategic program for getting known.

How to write a successful article varies widely, however, you can follow a simple guideline for creating an article that others would want to read.

Problem - Discuss common difficulty
Scope of problem
Typical examples
Root of the problem
Solution - What can be done
Examples - What others have done
Wrap up - Few important points
What it costs if left unchecked

You can start by discussing a common problem in your industry, business or on the job. You probably already know many of them, but do not hesitate to ask others or write about concerns you heard about, although you may not possess first-hand knowledge.

Many people may not know the scope of the problem or just how it affects the entire industry or workplace. Take your time to educate them and do not be afraid to paint an accurate picture - no matter how bleak it may look.

Give two or three examples which clearly define the problem. By pulling from real-life episodes, you show the reality of the problem because for the most part, others can verify your facts.

Every problem stems from a root cause. Since your goal centers around positioning yourself as an expert, people want to know what you believe about its origins.

Next, you can elaborate on possible solutions to the problem. Here, you can retell opinions or dissect the ideas of other people, plus submit your own expert ideas.

Give real examples of the steps you or others used when faced with the same dilemma. Again by using real-life scenarios, your articles will take on a somewhat of a journalistic nature.

Wrap up your article by listing a few important points or repeating points made earlier but perhaps being restated now in a different way. You can place emphasis on the problem and/or the solution.

To drive your article home, point out what it will cost if the problem persists. Use as many facts and figures as possible to get the reader to see its significance.

By following the steps laid out above, you should now own a pretty good article. After writing a few more, and getting them published, you should begin to see a difference in the way potential clients react to you.
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