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3 Top Methods For Driving Low Cost Traffic To Your Website

Mar 26, 2008
You can have a killer website selling the best product in the world but if you can't drive targeted traffic to your website you'll never generate enough income to make it worth your while. Ever wonder how some of the big dogs get all their traffic? A lot of them are spending a fortune buying traffic.

These are huge companies that have already made it big on the Internet and can afford to spend all this money in advertising. Unfortunately most people don't have the money to spend on this high priced advertising so you'll have to rely on good old fashioned hard work to generate low cost traffic.

Method 1: Write and Submit Articles

Webmasters know that having inbound links to their website is something that the search engines like. This in my opinion is the best way and longest lasting way of generating long term traffic. This can be a great way to get good free traffic if you can write your own articles. You will have to write between 50 and 100 articles for this method to work. The articles you write must be relevant to the website you are trying to send traffic to.

At the end of your article you should include a resource box that tells readers a little about you and make sure you stick in a link to your website. If you can't write your own articles for whatever reason you can outsource them to a service such as Elance. You may be able to get articles written for you for about $5.00 each so if you have 100 of them done it will cost you $500 for your traffic. This is why I highly recommend writing them yourself.

Method 2: Viral Marketing via eBooks.

Once again this can be totally free especially if you can write your own ebook. One way of doing this is by taking all the articles you have written in Method 2 above and combine them into an ebook. Make sure you place a link on every page redirecting readers to your website. You can also place many other links promoting products that you are an affiliate for.

This can result in a nice little residual income for you as readers click on your affiliate links while reading your ebook. Pass these ebooks on to your subscribers free of charge and tell them they have giveaway rights to the ebook. Also place a link in your email signature so every time you send an email there is an opportunity for someone to download your ebook.

Method 3: Posting in Forums.

This is another method for getting highly targeted free traffic. The only costs in using this method will be your time. Go and join several forums that are relevant to your niche and become very active. Look around for questions that are being asked and post some really helpful solutions. Do this for a month so you develop a name for yourself as being an expert in your niche. You can also instead of answering questions go ahead and ask some really good questions.

After you have done this for a month or so people will get to know you and gain trust in you and now you can start placing a link at the end of each one of your posts to promote your website. Whatever you do never go join a forum and immediately start advertising your website in your posts as it will turn off a lot of people and maybe even get you kicked out of the forum for violating their TOS Policies.
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