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Top 10 Franchises For The Cool Techie

Mar 26, 2008
In our fast-paced, technology-based economy, being up to speed on new technology is a must, but it's not all bits, bytes and HTML. Video and movie franchises as well as computer repair/installation are in high demand and we've put together a list of businesses that have already done all the heavy lifting and are just waiting for some smart and savvy entrepreneurs. So whether you're an L33t veteran or a N00B, these franchises make it easy to capitalize on the growing digital revolution. Here are the top ten franchises for the cool techie:

#1 DVDNow Kiosks, Inc.

DVDNow is a video franchise that provides an automated DVD rental service that can be deployed in grocery, convenience stores, gas stations, office building or any other high traffic area. By focusing on the highest demand titles (mainly new releases) DVDNow kiosks enable you to provide consumers with instant, automated movie rentals of the titles that people actually want to see. Imagine coming home to your condo or apartment complex after work and picking up the latest New Release in the lobby of your building. This concept has taken off all over Europe but in the US, now is the time to act as DVD Rental Kiosks are just starting to pop-up in a few US markets.

#2 Cartridge World

Cartridge World is the world leader in printer cartridge refilling and remanufacturing. The trend over the last several years is for printer manufacturers to lower the cost of printers and raise the cost of their own proprietary cartridges, but smart consumers know that refilling their ink cartridges will save them hundreds per year. Now is your chance to capitalize on this growing industry by starting your own Ink and Toner refill franchise with cartridge world.

#3 Air Advantage

71% of adults use the internet regularly, yet there are 15 million rural customers with 1 or no broadband provider in their area. With demand for high-speed internet growing at a break-neck pace (24% last year) Air Advantage provides people in rural areas with an opportunity to get high speed internet in areas where it was previously impossible. This business opportunity will allow you to join the high-speed revolution and bring it to those who live outside the city limits.

#4 Foodbox

Working behind a keyboard all day works up quite an appetite. Foodbox is unique business opportunity that works with local restaurants to allow the consumer to enter their zip code, see a list of restaurants in there area, order for delivery or pickup and pay online. Foodbox works with the restaurant and keeps a percentage of the revenue and gives the rest to the restaurant allowing the restaurant to increase their customer base with very little effort. This franchise makes a great home based business since all of the work can be done online. Foodbox will provide you with hands on support including a training program, marketing tools and round-the-clock support.

#5 Play N Trade

Video Games are an 18 Billion dollar per year industry. Want a piece of that pie? Then why not check out Play N Trade? They offer retail video game franchises and they're the fastest growing retail video game franchise in the nation. From retail video game sales, to used games and systems, to game system repair, Play N Trade will make your next franchise venture the gamers' ultimate destination.

#6 Flash Pro-Techsperts

When your computer needs fast repair, Flash Pro-Techsperts specialize in 24 hour turnaround on all computer repairs. This franchise opportunity is more than just repairs; they also offer upgrades, trades for new or pre-owned equipment and cash for old computers. With their quick response and affordable rates, your Flash Pro-Techsperts franchise is sure to give the local competition a run for their money.

#7 Concerto Networks

Concerto Networks provides high-quality IT support for small and medium sized businesses that prefer not to have their own full-time, on-site IT professionals. This franchise is a part of a growing trend to outsource IT allowing smaller companies to pay per hour for high quality IT support in situations where a full IT staff doesn't make sense financially.

#8 Wireless Toyz

Capitalize on the escalating growth of wireless technology. Wireless Toyz is a franchise opportunity for anyone interested in cellular communication as well as satellite TV and radio from top providers like Sprint/Nextel, T-Mobile, Verizon, DirecTV, Dish Network, Sirius and more. There were nearly 250 million wireless subscribers at year-end of 2006 with overall revenue of $118.5 billion dollars. So join the wireless leader ranked #63 in the Entrepreneur "Fastest Growing Franchises" list in 2007.

#9 Vehicle Tracking Solutions

GPS systems are popping up in all makes and models of new vehicles, and when you combine this new technology with a little ingenuity you get Vehicle Tracking Solutions. VTS provides fleet management solutions to its clients throughout the country. VTS helps companies keep tabs on their entire fleet of vehicles increasing productivity and efficiency while providing companies with the piece of mind that they know where all their vehicles are at all times. AVL (automatic vehicle location) is projected to be a $2.5 billion dollar business by 2010, so be at the cutting edge of this new and exciting technology while you can.

#10 The Photo Archival Company

Did you know that you could consolidate every picture, video and audio tape from your scrapbooks and home library while providing the security of a digital archive and backup? Your pictures and videos are your memories and keeping them in a shoebox under your bed puts those memories in serious jeopardy. The Photo Archival Company provides a franchise which allows conversion of all of your old pictures, videos, films and audio recording to standardized digital formats. This allows you to not only make secure backups but also allows you to post any of your media on a web page, sending it through e-mail or even viewing it on your iPodô.

Hopefully one of these tech franchises catch your eye, and the beauty of all of them is that each company has already done their homework and figured out what the high-tech consumer wants and how to get it to them. Now all they need is a few cool techie franchisees to hop onboard and join them at the forefront of the digital economy.
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