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Niche Annihilation Method And Strategy Revealed

Mar 26, 2008
Niche Annihilation Method - Did you know that in the online world today, niche marketing is the definite path to riches for internet entrepreneurs? Well, this statement is surely true only if you constantly and confidently know what to do. Why? Because as time goes by, with lots of informational products being released daily by the marketing gurus, thousands upon thousands of webmasters are learning fairly quick, keeping them up to date with the latest and advanced marketing strategies which they can employ for their businesses.

So what does all this information above mean to your online business? Well, I can safely say that there is going to be tougher competition for you out there thus making it harder for your monthly online income to maintain, what more increase. All of these factors will naturally force you to either keep up with the pack or lose out.

Well, the objective of this article is for me to share with you a unique niche annihilation method which you can use to effectively dominate your niche and reap tons of profits daily.

Niche annihilation method and advice number one:
You should really know by now that market research is probably the first and foremost factor in your success online and offline. Therefore, you really should go all out to find out more about the niche that you would like to venture into. Just simply go to wordtracker and extract a few niche keywords with a monthly search of at least one thousand. But you should not take too long to execute this task. Perhaps no longer than fifteen minutes.

Then gather those couple of niche keywords which have met the search criteria and find out which ones are the most profitable. So how do you find profitable niches you may ask?

Well, a very effective way for you to determine that is just by googling whatever niche keywords you gathered and take note of the number of advertisers and their ad positions on the first page. Are there at least 5 adwords advertisers for that niche keyword? If yes, then take a screenshot of the page. Repeat this whole process for the various niche keywords. Once everything is done, wait for maybe five to seven days.

After the above period, come back with the same niche keywords and repeat the same process all over again. Then, compare all the screenshots that you have taken for each respective niche keyword. Well, do you notice anything similar? If you still find the same advertisers plus the same number of five, then you have just hit a profitable niche. Why? It is because these adwords advertisers pay as much as two dollars per click and considering the number of searches per day, they must be really converting those clicks to sales. If they are not, then surely they will not go on with their losing niche campaigns right?

Although the above mentioned niche annihilation method is really crucial to your online success, it may seem like a long and tedious process. But not to worry, as there are some useful niche keyword softwares out there which can help to lessen the burden in your niche research and accelerate your profits substantially.
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Paul Moore has been a firm believer of profitable niche marketing since 2006. Find out a more advanced niche annihilation method at this niche annihilation method review lens.
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