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Uncovered how to spot a scam or fake eBay message at 20 paces.

Mar 26, 2008
Have you ever got an email which claims to come from eBay and your not quite sure if it's a eBay scam or spoof with some one trying to get you to click on one of those links which sends all your personal details on your PC to the dodgy person who sent you it?

Well fortunately I have so many firewalls, warnings, whistles and bells on my PC that I would have to be the worlds biggest dumb ass to fall for that one. But if you want to make sure you don't fall foul of the dreaded eBay spammers and eBay spoofers here are some top tips to look out for.

I would suggest we start with the easy and obvious solutions and then we see how things develop from there...

Its not as hard as you might think and there are a few simple ways of knowing if an email came from eBay or not. These are a few ideas that work well for me but if you know any more can let every one know at my blog http://www.auctionwealthsecrets.com/auctionnews/

1. Look to see who the e-mail is from: When opening the email if you look towards the top of the email it should give an email address, does this email address end with @ebay.com? If not, you know to immediately remove it. Be careful here as these people are very devious check twice as they will try different domain extensions such as .tv, .org, .ng. and so on.

2. Look to see where the link in the email you have been sent would send you: This is probably the fastest, easiest, and most effective way to spot a eBay scam email. Move your mouse over the link but do not click it.

Now look at the lower left screen just on top of the computer start button. This will indicate where the link you would be sent to if you clicked on the link in the email. If the link is anything other than http://www.ebay.com/whatever/ then it is a scam email. You can either delete it or send it to spoof@ebay.com and they will investigate it's origin and hopefully put a stop to this for you.

I think it is also a good idea to block the address in your email system so you don't get any more annoying junk from this scammer.

3. Don't ever be tempted to open an email or click a link without thinking first. Could this message be bogus. Think if the request for more information applies to a listing you have or is just another attempt to get you to give away your valuable information.

A common way scammers get your details is they send out a ' you've won the bid email'.But before you are tempted to check things out make sure this is an item you have bidded on first. But hold on a minute I am about to give you a fool proof technique to make sure you don't become another eBay scamming victim.

Ok here is a fool proof way of making sure you DON't get burned by scam emails pretending to be from eBay or eBay buyers and sellers. It's so basic but totally fool proof.

All genuine emails sent through eBAY from either themselves, or eBay buyers and sellers will have a copy sent to your MY EBAY account and if you can't find it there it hasn't come from a genuine eBay source. See I said it was so easy didn't I. So the best way is to delete every potential scam email sent to your email address and communicate with eBay and buyers and sellers using the internal eBay systems set up. This way you can sleep soundly in your bed knowing you are safe from eBay scam emails.
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