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When To Change A Blog Theme

Mar 26, 2008
Your blog's theme is probably the most important aspect that contributes to the site's success and attractiveness to online visitors. Many new site owners first design their blog's theme with a particular audience in mind and cater to their thematic needs and desires for information. Each blog has its own theme and publishes topical information that a certain Internet audience would want to learn about and discuss with other people who have the same interests.

After quite awhile, blog owners sometimes wonder if they should change their blog theme to keep it successful and attractive to a larger online customer base. There are few things that you should think about first, however, before you completely change you blog theme in hopes of becoming even more popular in the online business world. This article will discuss a few ideas that you need to consider when thinking about altering your blog's theme.

Your Blog's Uniqueness
A first thing to consider with regards to your blog theme is whether or not the theme is unique and different from all of the other blogs that have been published on the Internet since you started your own blog. You need to surf the Internet a little bit and examine the types of themes that other blog owners are using to attract their own audiences, and then compare them to your own theme. If your theme continues to maintain uniqueness, then there is no need to change it, but if it becomes a common design among many other blog sites, then you need to redesign your blog's artistic format.

Traffic Flow
You need to also take a close look at your blog statistics to determine the rate of traffic flow that has occurred throughout your blog's existence on the Internet. If you see that the traffic flow to your site continues to grow, then your blog theme should stay in place and not change. As you look at the rate of traffic flow and if it seems to be declining, then you need to create a more exciting theme that will enhance the overall attractiveness of your blog.

Blog Objectives
Another important aspect to consider when thinking about changing your blog theme is the types of objectives that you have set for your blog. As your blog continues to grow and expand, you need to reset higher goals that will push it to become more profitable. When considering whether or not to change your blog theme, you need to look at how the change will help or distract from the higher goals that have been established.

The question of when you should change your blog theme completely depends on the current success and potential of your blog site. If it seems to be declining, then a theme change might be beneficial to reignite its growth and profit. If the blog continues to sustain profitable growth, however, then there might not be a great need to change the blog theme for some time.
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