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Your "Online Traffic Formula" is key to your Clients Pocket Book

Mar 26, 2008
Honesty is key to creating a relationship between you and potential clients. If visitors to your site feel you are an honest ethical business person they will most likely spend their money on your product, but if they should feel that there is shady handlings going on they will take their money and run.

I myself, Trisha Frauenhofer know the importance of honest business dealings, and I work hard to go the extra mile in letting my clients feel safe in their transactions with me. That's part of my "online traffic formula"

One way that many customers feel cheated is when they buy a product and find out that the shipping costs have been jacked up to twice or three times what they need to be. No one likes to see a product being sold for mere pennies, but when they click the buy now button, they find out that the shipping cost is where they will pay the big bucks.

Super high shipping costs cause customers to feel that you are being unethical and many will back out of buying your products. Do you recall when you bought something online, and the shipping cost was free or just a few dollars. That probably made you feel good about that purchase and wanted to come back for more.

Quality products sold at a reasonable price will sell quicker than a cheap product sold at an outrageous price or a product sold for pennies but with extremely high shipping costs.

If you choose to be fair to your customers they will recognize this and put their whole hearted trust in you. You will find that they will return to you for many of their online needs, and most likely refer your business to friends and family.

With customer feedback so readily available, it is easy to find out the reputation of nearly every online marketer out there. So remember that your reputation precedes you, even in the wide world of the web. Make sure the reputation you have flying around is one of honesty, integrity, and care for your customers. You will be sure to draw in twice as many customers and make twice as much money as you would have by cheating a client.

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