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Network Marketing, Can You Really Make Money?

Mar 26, 2008
Unlike buying a job, which is what happens when you get a franchise, with employee's needed and corporate dictates to obey, having your own Internet business can be a dream come true. Network Marketing can make it possible for you to earn a six-figure income and live the life you have always wanted.

There is some hype out there, network marketers standing in front of a new house or the Ferrari he just possibly may have rented, telling you to follow him to success so that you will not have to work so hard. Yeah, right.

That is definitely not the case, and you should run from anyone who tells you otherwise. It is work, it takes time and your attention to build up your network marketing business to a point where you do not have to do much, and it's running somewhat on autopilot.

Now, in 2008, Network Marketing (or Direct Marketing as it is sometimes called), has reached a zenith in terms of website sales pages that are converting higher than ever, and automated technology that reaches your prospects simply via email. No more calling on the phone and having to chase down sales.

So, when looking for a system, those attributes would be important. As well, it should have a killer comp plan that features perpetual leverage. This guarantees you a residual income stream as you make sales. And too, the system should be a high integrity product or service. All that is left for you to do is market and advertise to bring eyeballs to the site.

There are ways to advertise your home business for every kind of budget. Before jumping into the world of Internet marketing, here are a couple quick points I've picked up along the way of this very important step to creating a successful online business.

Tip 1: Often your best marketing ideas or choices may actually cost you less money. Don't expect results based on the cost of the advertising. For instance, I can place a banner on a popular web site, and you can place that same banner on a blog that perhaps doesn't get the traffic of the popular web site, but will cost you less. And, that blog may be much more targeted to an audience that would be interested in your system.

Whatever your budget, when you are first starting out with a home business, and even if you are farther along, consider taking your budget and stretching it out as far as you can, over as many sites as possible. Work smart, it's much more enjoyable than working hard.

Tip 2: You are responsible to place marketing on a regular and consistent level, week after week. Get people curious about your Internet business. You are not responsible to the outcome of the marketing. Understanding this will free you up from emotionally being connected to everything you do online. You won't feel dread if that one sure thing, turns into a sure nothing.

There are people who are not willing to do the work to earn a full time income from home. You are not like that; you have an open mind that is willing to learn and grow. Whether you are a work at home mom, recently retired, or considering a secondary income stream, your desire for success is key to attaining it. Without desire why get out of bed.

If your desire is deep and true you will find a full time income from your work at home business. So write down your why. Why do you want success? What will it mean to you or others in your life? What will change for you? Knowing this about yourself will truly guide you along to a significant income stream in Network marketing.
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Steve Tash has 15 years in Relationship marketing, owning businesses online, and in the Entertainment and Fashion industries. Discover his best system to creating automated wealth online at: http://www.Job-Kill.com
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