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How to Use Free Methods to Generate More Traffic

Mar 26, 2008
Building a company requires many things, most importantly, money. However, there are some free methods available to help you generate more traffic, and thus more business. If you spend the time to learn how to use these methods effectively, they can optimize your site's potential for success.

There are several methods to give your site a boost in traffic flow, but if you don't have the resources to pay for ads, don't panic. Even if you don't spend a cent you can be successful. You do need the proper mindset and drive. You must be eager for success, and have the perseverance to do a lot of hard work and research if you want to direct more traffic to your site.

It can be very satisfying to see more traffic coming to your site without having spent a single penny. There are many places online with helpful articles on how to generate traffic for free. While it is easier to spend the money for ads to direct traffic to your site, you can still do quite well using the following free methods.

Visit online forums and communities that are focused on your niche. These resources will help you target your demographic more effectively. Join in the conversation and let them know you are an expert in this niche. It won't take long before they're coming to you with their problems and questions.

Use these forums and communities to build your reputation and that of your company. They will trust your advice, and soon be running to your site to buy your products because they feel they know you.
Use newsletters. Give people a catalog (it can be online it doesn't need to be printed) and interesting articles that will provide them with advice. If you keep your site interesting and entertaining, you'll see a lot more people signing up for your newsletter and recommending it to their friends. The more people who sign up for your newsletter, the more people you have on your list of potential customers. These people are already increasing the traffic to your site!

Trade links with other sites. This is something most people are willing to do and it doesn't cost a cent. Talk to the webmaster of a site you want to trade links with and come to an agreement. Your site will benefit their site, and their site will benefit yours. This works best when you stay in the same niche.

Write articles about your niche that will teach people something new and create an interest in visiting your website or your product. Give tips or other advice. People will read these articles when they find them by doing searches on the keywords that relate to them. They can help drive traffic to your site.

There are many places that host articles on every subject under the sun. Submit your articles to these sites. They will allow you to have a little blurb at the bottom about yourself and a link to your website. People who found your article helpful will be more than willing to visit.

Fill your website with good content. Make sure it is well written and contains the right keywords. You don't necessarily need to hire a writer. Just make sure the content is useful and entertaining. Use your spell checker to avoid misspellings.

Most people use a search engine to find what they want online. Search engines use keywords and phrases to find results. Make sure your keywords are mentioned on your site, in your content and in everything you distribute online about your site. By using the optimal keywords for your site, you can achieve high rankings in the search engines without the cost of paying for ads.

These methods have been proven effective time and again for generating more traffic to your website for free. It takes effort and time. Learn all you can about how to utilize these methods and you will see your site grow in traffic and in sales.
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