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Quick Tips For Article Marketing

Mar 26, 2008
Article marketing has reached a point on the Internet that it is the number one way to market effectively. Readers are increasingly relying on online articles to get information. There are a few hundred article directories on the Internet today with more companies joining these ranks.

Article marketing is possibly the most effective tool that Internet marketers have as a bridge to connect the dots so Internet users will eventually end up being directed to their promotional sites from the articles.

At the present, there are more than a few million articles that are marketed on the Internet every single day. Every one of these marketing articles are vying for the attention of their readers to induce, entice and direct these readers to click on the marketer's website link to make a sale.

Unfortunately, a large percentage of these "so called" article writers could not fill out a simple job application without resourcing Google for their own personal information.

Many of the article directories are filled to the limit with articles written by writers that are less than quality writers. The articles directories will accept almost anything because they are trying to make some money from the shear volume of articles they have collected in their archives. No offense to the good writers out there doing quality work.

Quality Writers Needed!

There is a real need for quality writers online. You will always see a lot of ads on the Internet for quality writers. Sad to say, 99.99% of these ads are misleading ads. They are come-on ads to market someone else's marketing efforts that usually have nothing to do with needing quality writers.

If you have a knack for writing, there are a lot of real opportunities on the Internet to cash in on your natural gift. If you can put your ideas into compelling prose and offer valuable information that others seek, you can easily make a good income with article marketing.

1. Internet articles are meant to flow and engage the readers. Studies have shown that most Internet readers will scan articles, instead of reading. They are looking for information.

Writing online articles flow much better for the readers when they are short paragraphs. Five lines per paragraph is the limit. Leave a lot of "white space" in the articles.

2. Writing a introduction that immediately will engage the reader to continue to read. Then keep doing this throughout the article. Make the article conversational as if you were talking to a friend. Inform, engage and converse. These are key elements that must be in place for most marketing articles.

3. Stay within the relevancy of the subject. Most of the readers will be reading your articles for the information they can glean from them. If you stray from the topic, don't lose the readers, or they will lose your article and go on to the next search option.

4. Write fast! Fast, fast, then faster. Write at fast clips, then string it all together. Become addicted to coffee, if you must but write fast! Time is money, money is writing quickly! This is not the next bestseller you are writing. If you are writing about villas in the south of France, don't spend 200 words describing the detail of sunsets that can be viewed from the patio at dusk.

Create an online portfolio then market this. Soon, you will have a few bites. Because your writing is quality, you will have more marketers wanting your style. This ripple will blossom in time until you are actually doing what you love to do - write!
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