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Profiting From Article Marketing

Mar 26, 2008
Have you been hearing about article marketing and wondering if what everyone is saying is true? Can writing articles for promotional purposes actually generate large revenue? Yes, it works! Article marketing can and does generate a lot of targeted leads that do convert to sales.

More than hundreds of thousands, if not a few million, Internet marketers can't be wrong. Writing unique content in promotional articles is a marketing technique used to set into motion millions of Internet sales every single day.

1. Article marketing is the cheapest, most effective way of Internet marketing strategies used today. No one needs a large advertising budget or big investment to start driving traffic to their site. You simply write unique content in your articles about topics that surround your market.

Make sure to include a link to your promotional site at the bottom of every article. After your articles are completed, you submit your articles to quality article directories that get indexed on a regular time table by the search engines.

When your articles begin showing up in search engine results that are about the topic of your articles, this is great exposure. Many readers will now be able to find your articles and read them.

2. When you leave a link to your website at the bottom of every article, this drives quality, targeted traffic to it. Your site must be set up to look professional, so when your visitors arrive, you can convert the traffic into sales or build mailing lists of your visitors for email marketing purposes.

The trick to getting readers to click on your website link is simple. Do not give your readers the whole story in the article. For the whole story or more information, the reader will have to click on your link.

Most of your readers will be looking for information about your topic. Give them information, but entice them with the promise for more complete information that is available for them if they just click on the link to your website. When your readers arrive at your website, you must have more information available for them along with access to the product you are marketing.

3. Article marketing creates a ripple effect on your promotional site and your sales. Article marketing is a machine that you set up to generate traffic. In time, this marketing machine will drive traffic to your site. As more and more visitors come to your site, your site becomes popular enough to start selling some of your web space to advertisers and begin charging other website owners to leave referral links on your site to theirs.

On the Internet, one thing always leads to another, sometimes in very unexpected ways. Your article marketing is a very powerful tool that allows you to drive traffic and chose what direction you want this traffic to go in.

There are many different ways someone can use article marketing for endless possibilities. It is up to the marketer's own imagination and course of action how they wish to use this promotional tool for themselves.
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