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Building An Ecommerce Website

Mar 26, 2008
The main goal, when building an ecommerce website, is to bring traffic to the site. This is necessary so that visitors can buy products from you. Design your site so it is aesthetically pleasing, and easy to navigate, but not taking away from the main goal: selling your products.

There are many companies and service providers that can build an ecommerce website for you at an affordable price or you can attempt the challenge yourself. Here are few tips of what makes a great design for an ecommerce website.

One significant element of an ecommerce web site is to design a structured but defined path that leads the customer to specifically buy something. You can showcase different web pages with a good menu system or some type of flowchart.

Your buttons, or links, for your products should be prominent and be displayed on the home page. Any quality web designer will ensure that this is the layout you have. Since this is the first thing your visitor will see, you have a much better chance of getting that sale. Use different font sizes, and/or colors to help guide the customer to click the button you wish to have them click. Be careful to avoid too much "flashy" content as this tends to distract your visitor and they might leave the site. Also avoid automatic video and sound. Some people don't like this and some are in places where this is not good (like work) so they will immediately click away.

You need to have a good search tool on your website so that potential customers can easily find something they are looking for or they will quickly become frustrated and leave your site. It's one of the biggest mistakes made with ecommerce websites - no proper search.

You need to prominently display prices. There's nothing that will drive a potential customer crazy and away from your site than not having the prices easily available. With the product, information should be the price. We've all been to one of those sites that want you checking out before you know the price. Do you bother to checkout? Not likely. So don't make the same mistake with your potential customers.

You need to provide clear pictures with good detail of the products you will be selling. But, they must be small enough (in resolution, i.e. 500kb vs. 1500kb) so that they load quickly. Remember, there are still a great deal of people accessing the internet using dial up and they are not going to stick around for slow loading sites.

Building an ecommerce website is a necessity if you are going to sell products. By following a few simple rules you can have a successful site. If you are unsure of yourself, there are many resources that can help you. In fact, it may be best to hire someone to do it for if web design is not your "thing." Set up your site well the first time and your potential customers will be returning customers in no time.
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