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Work From Home Franchises For Under $15,000

Mar 26, 2008
Perhaps you are working your daily job and catch yourself daydreaming frequently about owning your own business, being your own boss, being able to set your own hours, working from home, or just making a larger step toward becoming financially independent. The problem? You aren't ready to quit your day job until you know your home based business is going to be a viable option. Not everyone has upwards of $100,000 in liquid capital to begin a franchise, but that doesn't mean that it has to stop you from achieving your dream of running your own home business. There are several viable options for the entrepreneur that desires to work at home but wants to begin their business with a relatively low cost investment. Here are a several options that allow for a reliable franchise business with the peace of mind of a relatively low risk initial startup and still offer the freedom to work from home.Vendstar

Vendstar Vending Machines offers you an extremely flexible and convenient business that can operate virtually anywhere. Anywhere that people regularly visit whether for business, socialization, or errands, is a business opportunity for a Vendstar franchiser because this work from home business requires very little startup, no employees, no overhead, no office, no rent, nor utilities. It's pure cash flow and you can earn up to an 80% profit margin. With Vendstar you can generate cash flow quickly to offset the extremely low liquid capital investment required of $9,995. It allows the great opportunity to start off as small as you want and allows you to expand at whatever capacity you find yourself able to operate in. It's a great way for a beginning franchiser to see if being their own boss and owning their own home based business is truly the path that they desire, while also providing virtually limitless expansion opportunities as you experience success in the vending machine business.

Caddy Card

If you are motivated, driven, and have a natural instinct and knack for sales then you should definitely give some consideration to the Caddy Card. The Caddy Card is a home based franchise that allows you to offer a product to golf courses at the perfect price to them... FREE! As a Caddy Card Franchise owner you will offer to produce a Caddy Card Pamphlet with scorecard and graphic layout of each hole on their course and at absolutely no cost to the golf course. The profits come from advertisers. As a salesman and franchise owner you will be responsible for selling add space in this card that will be given to every golfer to visit each course that you service. Best of all, you are not responsible for the graphic design and printing. Your role as a franchise owner is to sell the ad space and secure the golf courses; Caddy Card handles all the back end production for you, then you deliver the product to your golf courses. This allows you to work from home supplying either your favorite course, or expand to a variety of courses in your market area. The startup cost for Caddy Card is $11,800 and the income flow will allow you to hire your own sales people or be the sole employee yourself.


This is a great low-cost business that you can run as a home based franchise in the ever growing market of computer service and maintenance, and the great thing about being a Fast-Teks franchise owner is that you do not personally need to have the skills and knowledge to be able to fix and repair computers. As a Fast-Teks franchise owner your main role will be following a proven business plan and managing a service staff provided to you by Fast-Teks that will travel to various clients and provide service and repair for their technology. All trainers and employees in your franchise will be trained and pre-screened by Fast-Teks and will have an A+ certification. You have access to a call center specifically operated for franchise owners to dispatch technicians to job sites and is useful in "selling" your future clients on acquiring the Fast-Tek service that you will be able to provide and manage while you work at home. And one of the best parts about starting a Fast-Tek franchise is the very attractive low capital requirement of only $5,000-$7,000 to become an owner of your own home based business.

Of course it's important to remember that being a business owner at any level of financial involvement requires passion and drive to make your home business franchise a success. It is important that a small business owner be passionate about the business that they operate and the product that they provide. When looking for a low-cost franchise that you can operate from home, you should make sure that you are not just looking for the lowest price tag or the easiest startup procedure. A home based business franchise can be the thing that finally lets you have the flexibility and income to spend more time at home; but to be a success you must make sure that you receive all of the information available to you to make a savvy business decision.
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