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Affiliate Marketing Strategies - 5 Steps To Become A Super Affiliate

Mar 26, 2008
The real beauty that appeals to most is that fact that in order to start making money right away, you don't need, a product, website, sales letters, follow up messsages, you don't process payments, ship orders or do any customer service. So it is a very quick and easy way to be up and running in a very short period of time. All that being said, there's still some key affiliate marketing strategies that you must know in order to be successful. Below are 5 keys to help increase any affiliates success online.

1) In order to become a successful, or a super affiliate, you must be able to collect the names and email addresses of those that you refer to the affiliates website. It's not enough just to direct someone to the sales page of the product that you are promoting. On average, it takes someone 5-7 exposures before they purchase that product or service. You need to incorporate a 'squeeze page' between the link they click and the companies website. A 'squeeze page' is simply a page that usually has a free offer(report, ebook, e-course, software trial) in exchange for their information. The process should look like this:

A) They click on your link from an article, blog, advertisement.
B) They are directed to you 'squeeze page' that has a special offer for them.
C) After they fill in their name and email address, they are redirected to the companies sales page.

You can now start to build a relationship with them, which is critical for repeat sales in the future. Remember, people buy from others that they know, and more importantly, that they trust.
If you are missing step B), then you are missing a huge opportunity for future sales.

2) To become a super affiliate you must define, and dominate a niche market. A niche market is simply a smaller, more detailed part of a larger market. For example, 'tropical fish' would be a large market, but 'How to raise Oscars' or any other specific type of fish would be your niche market. This is a market that may get 1000's of searches a month, with very little competition.

3) Super affiliates tend to be perceived as experts in their field. Because niche markets are more close knit, and because they will easily pass along information that they deem to be of value, your name can spread like wild fire. So they will pass along your, blogs, articles, reports, ebooks ect, to others with similar interests, making them viral. TIP - Make it easy for your informatin to be passed on, include a 'send to a friend' link. Make it simple and your on your way.

4) Successful affiliates or super affiliates tend to over deliver on the information they give away. When you give people more then they expect, they will come back for more. Make the information valuable to them, solve some, but not all, their problems or questions. You don't want to give away everything for free, or they will have no reason to purchase what you have to sell them.

5) Super affiliates build and nurture a relationship once they capture there potential customers information . People buy from others that they know and trust, and therefore, you must show that you are there to help them. A fatal flaw that most newbies make is, they hard sell before the relationship has had a chance to form. You can include soft sells within your communications to them, but people will turn and run the other way if they think that you are just out to get their hard earned money. Build that relationship to ensure long term growth with back end sales.

That's 5 important keys that, if followed and done right, can build the solid foundation that ANY business needs to be a smashing success and realize long term, sustained growth.
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Ron Richardson is an online entrepreneur and by these writings hopes to inspire, encourage, educate and help people to live a balanced life, health, wealth and happiness!
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