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Get That Army Job For Ground Video Security Systems Operator

Mar 26, 2008
Want a career in the army as ground video security systems operator? This army career requires more than just a comprehensive knowledge of the underpinnings of the security technology. Here's what to expect if you want the job.

What's In It

The job as ground video security systems operator engages you in gathering intelligence and information. Forget it if you think you'll be glued hours to the monitors looking for spies. There are several skills level for the job and promotion is fast if you have what it takes to get to the top of the heap.

As a rookie you'll operate and maintain the ground video surveillance systems, ensure that all equipment is working in synch including the existing communications facilities or equipment. It is also your job to check that light wheeled vehicles are up and running before you're tasked to recover surveillance systems. That's the physical side of the job. On the other hand, you should be good at detecting, locating, and interpreting information.

As you go up the next skill levels, you'll be providing more tactical and technical direction to subordinates as part of your team management and operation. The exciting part is brainstorming surveillance assignments with the aid of aerial photographs and intelligence reports.

What It Takes

For the first skill level, you'll need a high school diploma or its equivalent and a certification that you've completed and qualified for managing video security systems will come in handy.

Like all military jobs, you'll have to pass the demands of the job that will ask you to carry heavy equipment in the area of 100 pounds plus an excess of 50 pounds as frequently as necessary. On top of this, you should score 85 in electronics (EL) and 95 in surveillance and communications (SC).

In the medical department you should rate a 222121 or:

* 2 in stamina
* 2 in the strength of upper extremities
* 2 in the lower extremities
* 1 in hearing and ear fitness
* 2 in visual capacity
* 1 in emotional, personal, and free from psychiatric diseases
* Normal color vision

You cannot take these tests if you are not a US citizen, joined the Peace Corps, have a conviction record, or you fail the security clearance test, you won't get the job. If you qualify and you want to go up in the skill levels, you must meet the career management and development criteria.

The Top Level

The highest skill level for ground video security systems operator requires keen judgment, ability to manage and lead a group, and involvement in organizational activities. On the personal level you should have leadership skills and a good understanding of the human nature - since you're not only dealing with monitors and images. You're dealing with people and interpreting intelligence reports.

On the technical side, you need the efficiency of security experts - do trouble shooting when there's a technical glitch, and be alert to the overall operation of the system. Your role is highly important whether you're at skill level 1 or 5.

If you're already in the army, the transition won't be difficult as long as you pass the exams and meet all the requirements for the job for ground video security systems operator.
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