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The Biggest Secret to Online Wealth

Mar 27, 2008
Work Smarter, Not Harder

If you want to make more, you need to work less. You need to work smarter, a lot smarter. That's exactly how people get rich. They work smarter, not harder.

So if you want the kind of lifestyle that you've dreamed about, you need first to commit to working smarter. And that's what I'm here to help you do.

Using proven strategies and getting the right tools is the key to working smarter.

Getting instruction and guidance from people who have been successful is working smarter. Spending your time and money learning new skills and buying the right tools is working SMARTER.

Creating Leverage

The key to working SMARTER is learning about finding and using leverage.

Successful people learn the secrets of leverage.

Leverage is finding ways to do more (or make more) with less effort and less time. There are many kinds of leverage: mechanical leverage, organizational leverage, financial leverage, technological leverage, etc.

While there are many kinds of leverage, there's only ONE business you can build and run from home that has the leverage to make you rich without a significant capital investment.

It's the same business that 27-year-old billionaires have built.

It's an Internet based, information business.

Leveraging the Internet

Internet information businesses have the potential to make fortunes because they embody multiple kinds of leverage.

Learning about how to find and use leverage yourself is how you'll create a home-based, info business that makes $1,000, $10,000 or $100,000 a month, while you sleep.

There are now almost two billion people on the Internet, and that number is still growing fast. It's been estimated that 80% of Internet traffic is generated by these people searching for information: everything from how to groom a Poodle to where to find the nearest dentist; from how to build a deck to how to hook up a big-screen TV. And people pay for this information.

Sell Information

Selling information is the hottest business in the world. That's all Google does and Google is worth over $100 billion!

Internet businesses embody three principle kinds of leverage; distribution leverage, financial leverage and technological leverage. This leverage can be used to build micro businesses that can produce fix, six-and seven figure incomes, with no physical stores, no employees and with only a small amount of start-up capital.

Distribution leverage comes from the fact that you can deliver information products to anyone on the Internet, anywhere in the world, for just the cost of your Internet connection. Contrast that with the cost of sending those same "info" products, in physical forms, via Fed Ex or truck, ebooks versus physical books. That's amazing leverage.

Financial Leverage

Financial leverage comes in three forms: the reduced costs of distributing info products, the elimination of physical stores and offices; and the increased margins in selling and sending info products via the Internet.

Technological leverage comes from replacing employees with software and computers that perform the same functions 24/7 and that need no vacations or health insurance.

Learning how to find, and use these leverages is key to building wealth and financial freedom.
About the Author
Wayne Van Dyck is the CEO of Six Degrees Media in Sausalito, CA and is a developer of Internet tools and technologies for building online businesses. To get your FREE "Money Making Analysis" and FREE copy of "How to Make Your First $50,000 Online...WhileYou Sleep" go to: http://SmartMoneyWebsites.com .
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