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Organizing Your Home Business With Efficiency

Mar 27, 2008
Of all the methods home business owners can utilize to improve their experience, perhaps none are so valuable and effective as a good system of organization. This allows easy access to everything, including product details and client information. Such efficiency does not require expensive software or difficult programs. It may involve nothing more than rearranging your current practices.

Organization trims hours off your total work load. You will not need an hour to find that important client file; the details will be readily available. You won't lose time searching for your receipts because they will already be filed and ready for examination.

The key component to home business organization is to define a space for your business. You may not have a spare room. You may be delighted to learn that running an efficient and successful home business may not require much more space than a closet or corner of an existing room.

Many experts recommend that you allow a time frame of around three days to fully organize your space. This can be a great weekend project, or you can break it up into specific projects and organize over time.

The majority of home businesses require little in the way of "space." This offers a great benefit to your needs. Many homes have closets that are the perfect size to hold a computer desk and filing cabinet. Your client records can be stored on a computer with back-ups made to removable media, such as compact disc or DVD, saving you a tremendous amount of physical space that paper documentation would quickly fill.

For your workspace, take a step back and survey your area. Do this before making any trips to purchase equipment for organization, as you may not need it. The best time to start organizing is in the beginning, but that isn't always feasible. Is your space free of clutter and trash? Are your writing utensils neatly stored in a place that is easy to reach?

Many benefit from a good computer desk for both support and organization. Some home businesses have started with desks that are little more than doors sat atop cinder blocks, but this offers little storage space. Many office furniture companies offer previously owned computer desks that have filing cabinets built-in. These are often more affordable for the new home business and offer all the storage you need.

Your adventures in organization should fit the way you work and suit your needs. It helps to give yourself time to explore and define what makes your work easier and more efficient. If you can't function with your files below you, find a way to store them on top of your desk or above you on a rack. Don't force yourself into a pattern that makes your work more of a chore.

You will also need a system of storing receipts. This can be done quickly and efficiently with a variety of methods. You can purchase a coupon storage folder and change the labels, a three-ringed binder with pouches, or any other method of keeping it all straight. Always put receipts where they belong as soon as you get them. This will keep your receipts clear and easy-to-read, while giving you needed space for work.

Once your space is organized, you should streamline your functionality. You may be more capable of using your home phone to the left of your computer or your paperwork in a separate area. That is perfectly acceptable and you should make sure the space will work best for you.

The key to maintaining your new organization is to avoid procrastination. Don't throw paperwork on your desk when it needs to go in a file. Don't put trash anywhere but the trash can. It may seem tedious or inconvenient in the beginning, but this is to keep your area open and ready for work. Organization is not only something that you do with your workspace; it is something that you do with your work life. You will be rewarded with increased productivity.
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