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Niche Annihilation Method That Might Shock You

Mar 27, 2008
Niche marketing online lately has been quite a big challenge for a lot of webmasters and business owners alike. Did you really know that back then, it was fairly easy to make money online? All you have to do is just write some keyword rich articles, put them up on your website and blogs, and start getting traffic for the search term that you are targeting. And remember those mass page generators available for purchase in the market a few years back? Well, I can confidently claim that all of those tools and strategies do not work for your niche marketing efforts right now.

Hogging up the search engines front page these days seems like a pretty huge feat for even the much experienced marketers, let alone getting top positions for a particular search term. If you have noticed, even the first three pages of the SERPs are always being dominated by a lot of web 2.0 sites.

So what does this mean to your online niche marketing efforts? Well, it is a clear indication that you have to rethink your marketing strategies and start outdoing your competitors. Even though a lot of those marketing gurus keep preaching to not try to reinvent the wheel, you really should start thinking out of the box.

But first and foremost, I would like to share with you my own personal niche annihilation strategies that you can use on your next niche marketing campaign.

Niche Annihilation Method Number One:

If you have been observant enough, a lot of these web 2.0 sites easily dominate the front page of the Google, Yahoo and Msn. Did you know that all of these sites will be your arsenal of lethal weapons and even be your best friend? Yes, of course they can. Why? If you know that the first five or even the top ten positions belong to these web 2.0 sites, why would you not take advantage of them?

Imagine if you had a link on each of these pages pointing back to your niche sites. This means that you will have niche targeted search engine traffic constantly flowing to your niche site. All of these targeted visitors will potentially be your customers eventually.

So what you can do now is to gather all the web 2.0 sites in the first hundred positions of your niche, create a keyword rich username at each site and start posting unique, useful and relevant content. Maybe if you are too tired, you can hire others to write articles relevant to your niche. Be sure to include a link back to your niche site too.

This niche annihilation method that I revealed is quite deadly when used properly and correctly. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

I have a final advice for you before I end. When you are utilizing this niche annihilation method, please do not spam the sites with irrelevant topics and always bear in mind the feelings of other users as you do not want to get banned from all these precious gem sites.
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Paul Moore has been a firm believer of profitable niche marketing since 2006. Find out a more detailed niche annihilation method at this niche annihilation method review lens.
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