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Are You Losing Money Because You Are Not Tracking Your Autoresponder Responses?

Mar 27, 2008
If you are promoting products online, it is vital to your business to know how your marketing campaigns are doing. Marketing a product can be costly, and one needs to know whether a campaign is feasible or whether it is losing you money. If you use a reliable autoresponder service for the purpose of advertising your product, you will be able to tell how well your campaign is doing by using the response tracking service that they provide.

The response tracking facility is normally a service that is offered by the better quality autoresponder companies so if you would like this facility, make sure that you enquire about it before you sign up with any service provider.To set up the tracking tool, you would simply enter the website address that you want to track when your visitors go there.

The autoresponder software will then generate a special URL that will get tracked everytime someon clicks on it.Whenever someone clicks on that specific URL the click will be captured and it will then re-direct the page to the website that you specified. The visitor stays blissfully unaware of this process.

The result of your response tracking can then be monitored from within your autoresponder control panel. From the control panel you can find out how many messages were sent out, and how many click were received on the URL that you are tracking. A high quality autoresponder service will also be able to give you information on how many of your messages were opened and read.

Not all autoresponder companies offer tracking facilities. Tracking your responses is a feature that is very important in your email marketing campaign and it could help you avoid costly mistakes. If you want this facility it is important to find out where the autoresponder service that you have in mind offers this service before you sign up with them.

Response tracking will give you valuable data on whether the messages that you are sending out are effective, or whether you should make any changes.

Using response tracking will also allow you to see whether your website copy is effective. For example: if your autoresponder emails are generating hundreds of click-throughs to your site, and there are hardly any click-throughs to your sales page, you will know that your emails are doing their work, but the website sales copy is not up to scratch.

You should definitely consider response tracking if you have never done it before. The information that you will get is invaluable to your business and you will know what is working and what is not. It could mean the difference between making or breaking your business.
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