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Binding Persuasion

Mar 27, 2008
The strategy of binding is fascinating as it relates to persuasion and is something that should be used sparingly.

Binds are language patterns that figuratively bind your prospect or client to do as you wish them to do. (Can you see why this should be used sparingly and with the utmost integrity?) Like all language patterns, there's a formula to it.

Single binds have two formulas. Formula one is 'if X, Y'. Formula two is 'the more you X, the more you Y.'

As a general rule, the X will be a pace (something that is verifiably true) but it can also include a suggestion or a challenge, and the Y will be a lead, how you want them to think or respond but they're not currently doing, necessarily. (For more on pacing and leading, stay tuned.)

Think of X as the set up and Y as the punch line.

Here's a self-serving example (lol): 'If you develop a deep understanding of the power of binds, you'll feel compelled to sign up for The Persuasion Factor.'

Okay. . .that's a pretty obvious example. Very transparent, I know, but you see that the first part of the sentence 'if you develop a deep understanding of the power of binds' is a suggestion or challenge, and 'you'll feel compelled to sign up for The Persuasion Factor' is the lead, what I want you to do which you may not currently be doing.

Here's another example: 'The more you read what I'm explaining, the more you'll understand the power of using it.'

The more you read about something, i.e. the more you read about using binds, the more you will understand how powerful they are. Is this true? Possibly. I think it is. But it's more of a presupposition than it is solid, hard, cold verifiable fact.

Binds do not have to in any way make sense or be logical.

For example: 'The more you hear about this piece of property, the more you will be compelled to buy it.' Is that logical? Not necessarily. In other words, hearing a lot about something doesn't compel people to buy. Hearing the right things about something might compel someone to buy, but the suggestion here is that that there is a logical link between hearing about the property and being compelled to buy it. You're creating that link, you're creating the truth, and you're making it so in their minds.

Here's where we start to get into some really interesting ways of using this. 'The more you try and object, the more you will find yourself going along with these ideas.'

What are we really doing here? We're issuing a challenge. The more you try and do something we don't want you to do, the more you'll find yourself doing what we want you to do.

Here's another one: 'The more you want to feel good about yourself, the more you'll need to act now on this proposal.'

"Kenrick, you can't say these things to people without them noticing something strange." Well, to that I say, I do say these things and people never notice. Binds work incredibly well, even more so if you practice ahead of time. Write out some samples as they pertain to your business so that you will be smooth when you deliver them.
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