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How I Hated Article Writing, But Found An Easier Way

Mar 27, 2008
Simply put, any one who has ever owned, managed, and keep up with any online business knows that you must advertise your site to succeed. Part of that advertising effort must include article marketing.

Articles can help satisfy the craving for information in any specific niche market by addressing certain issues, offering tips, tricks, sometimes a little humor. They can even show a potential customer how to do something related to that specific niche.

The benefits to article marketing are many. It ranges from establishing ones self as a subject matter expert, to building traffic to their sites through back links, to building a page ranking on the search engines. Good quality articles can mean the difference in quality traffic with people likely to purchase from you or traffic that is lack luster.

Articles are very important to stay in the game and do business online. Yet one fact remains that most hate to write articles and cannot afford to hire someone to do so. Many site owners would rather not get bogged down into writing articles as they may not be skilled in doing so. They have other things that they would rather be doing. They do not have the resources (such as departments) that larger companies have to write multiple articles.

Plagiarising articles is a big no-no in this day and age. This is the copying of someone else's work and claiming it as your own. The search engines penalize sites by reducing their rankings or black listing them. Other complications can be legal ones that can include fines or jail time or both.

If you cannot write articles and cannot afford to hire a ghost writer to do it, then don't. Keep in mind, that there are other resources from which you can draw to produce articles.

Get free articles. This is one of the most overlooked avenues for articles online today. Getting public domain articles is a great way to get article without any of the copyright problems encountered by any other means of getting articles.

These articles are for public use and free. You may do with them as you please. You may publish them as your own, add them as content to your site, or publish them in a newsletter. The choices are yours. It is important to remember that the articles you use must be on the topic you are discussing.

A few things to keep in mind are that, since they are public domain, everyone else has the same access you do. In an arena where original content is king, this could hurt your search engine rankings by producing duplicate content. A good way to deal with this issue to to rewrite portions of the article and add key words and key phrases in in the rewritten portions.

Another way to get free articles is to allow them to be posted on your site by other writers. This will only aid your search engine rankings by adding content to your site. Want proof? Take a look at the rankings of some of the article marketing directories you may come across. Best of all, allowing other to add their articles is free.

When dealing with article marketing it is always best to keep your articles original. This is the only real way to benefit from the impact of well written articles. In this business, original content is king.
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