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Transform any Business into a Winner

Mar 27, 2008
If you want to be successful in any endeavor in life you must be committed to consistently displaying winning behaviors. Behaviors or habits must be implemented over time in order to truly see the fruits of your labors. Here is a list of 6 essential business behaviors that can dramatically increase your bottom line if you implement them over time.

Reinvest in yourself: You are your greatest asset. Take time to go beyond the your typical routine and actively search for materials that will accelerate you toward the goals you want to accomplish. Are there any seminars, books, or mentors you need to be actively pursuing. If you want to be a champion then you have to do the work.

Be Passionate: If you can't get excited about your product or service don't expect your prospective customers to either. Before you join an opportunity or company be sure you will represent a product that truly helps people. Don't look at dollar signs look for a product that truly solves a problem people have.

Focus on your Expertise: Focus on your strengths and outsource the other work. If you are an excellent writer focus your time on writing articles while hiring others to do the other essential task relevant to your business. The owner of McDonalds is rarely seen flipping burgers, but flipping burgers is essential to the success of the business. So remember outsource.outsource.outsource.

Walk away from dead end client relationships: If you been in business for any length of time you will find that there will be certain business relationships that are simple a waste of time. You can't be all things to all people. Knowing when to walk away from a client relationship is just as important as pursuing them. Listen to your heart and follow it appropriately.\

Don't Waste Time with Tire Kickers: You know them when you see them. They aren't interested in buying only getting information. Refer them to your website or sales literature and keep walking. You could spend days working with someone who has no intentions of buying while a customer who is ready doesn't get the attention they deserve. You'll lose that customer to the competition.

Don't Mislead People: Even if it means you don't make the sale todaybe honest. Build your business on a solid foundation of honest and integrity. If you are asked a question and you aren't sure the answer tell your client you will get back to them. Next do your research and contact them with the correct answer. They will appreciate this approach much better and you will be rewarded in the long run.

If you build your business based on these behaviors the sky in the limit for how fulfilling and rewarding your business can be. I wish you well in your endeavors.
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