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Earning Residual Income From A Membership Website

Mar 27, 2008
Home business is one popular way by which you can make lots of money working from your home itself. Now we will look at a way of making money sitting at home by combining the internet and different membership sites.

The problems with websites and the internet are problems of the past. Today people are flogging to the internet to run businesses from their homes and thus earn more and more money. One of the best ways to do that is by selling products that will pay you over and over again over period of time for doing a single sale (creating a residual income).

The main advantage of this is that in the near future you will make money even if you do not work. Insurance agents or salespersons have been doing this for quite a few years now. So this is kind of a network marketing where you get paid not only for you hard work but also for the efforts of the people you have joined in your network.

Membership products are those which make really good residual income, because as long as the people you sell the products to, are paid members you keep making money. PLR programs (Private Label Rights programs) is one good example of this kind of products. A PLR program pays its members a 50% commission if they recruit a new member.

The cost of a membership here is $99 and on the first sale you get 50% commission, so you would get around $49.95. And then every month after that you get paid $49.95 until the member is active and paying his membership. And incase you want to make around $5k a month using this method then you would have to make at least 100 membership sales.

It is quite possible to do such kind of business from home, where you earn a residual income. It only requires a computer with an internet connection and times even a phone or a fax machine, just incase of an emergency.

Getting paid over and over again for one of your old sales, while you are trying to sell the product to a new customer, does not that sound cool? Yes it sure sounds cool to me; I think anyone would love getting paid over and over again for a work or sales done in the past.

And if you are wondering where you could find such PLR programs to sell their products, just run a search in Google with the keywords Private Label Rights or PLR Affiliate programs or other variations of the same. It would be advisable if you are a paying member of the program yourself. Some programs require that you become a paid member before you start earning.

PLR programs is just one kind of home business you could do using the internet. But any kind of residual income program could be a good way of making money, cause your looking for a way to earn more money without much of effort and this is the best way to do it.

And now if you have got encouraged or attracted to doing some kind of home business then I think this article has some role to play in it.
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