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Utilize These Ten Strategies To Spice Up Your Web Sales Copy

Mar 27, 2008
Here are ten different secret strategies that will spice up your web sales copy and entice buyers to make a decision to purchase.

The "Double Sale" Strategy
The "sell just one and it will double your investment..." strategy communicates to your prospects that you normally sell your resell product at a certain price but they will get it for half off what it costs without resell rights. So if they resell the product to people at your regular price, it will only take one sale to get double what they paid for the resell rights license.

The "Master It Fast" Strategy
The "only (number) free master resell rights upgrades left..." strategy communicates to your prospects that if they purchase the resell rights to your product, they will automatically get upgraded to master resell rights. It will create more urgency by placing a limit on the number of master resell rights licenses you will release.

The "Measly Yes" Strategy
The "would you invest a measly ($) to (your product's benefit)?..." strategy communicates to your prospects to answer "yes" to your question because their total investment doesn't compare in value to the benefit they will get. Once they mentally say "yes," they will continue to read your ad for more details or buy right away.

The "Why So Cheap?" Strategy
The "but why am I giving this way for only ($)..." strategy communicates to your prospects that your product sounds very valuable but your price is so low, it will make them want to know why. You need to use an honest reason that will make them say "that makes sense." For example, you could say that you want to prove to people that it's still possible, even these days, to get a good quality product for a very low price.

The "No Promises" Strategy
The "I'm not going to promise that (your product's benefit) because I don't know you personally..." strategy communicates to your prospects the reason why you are not going to promise that they are going to get their desired benefit. You could say it is because you do not know their background, their specific situation, their education level, their skills, their emotional state, etc.

The "Carbon Copy" Strategy
The "I made ($) last year and I'll show you how to duplicate my success..." strategy communicates to your prospects that you will give them the exact step-by-step plan and tools you used to make that money. For example, if you sold a resell rights product, you could say: "I'll give you the rights to sell the same package of products and show you where and how I promoted it."

The "Select A Buyer" Strategy
The "enter to be randomly selected to purchase my product..." strategy communicates to your prospects they can sign up to your opt-in form/squeeze page for a random chance to purchase your product. You can tell them if the sales letter appears after they opt-in, it means they won a chance to purchase your product. You can tell the people that don't win to reenter and try again. People get excited and in a good mood when they win something so once you have them excited it's easier to sell to them.

The "Undisclosed Goal" Strategy
The "we've almost reached our sales goal so hurry..." strategy communicates to your prospects that you have an undisclosed goal to sell so many copies of your product and once you reach that goal, your sales letter will be removed. You can tell them if they leave now and come back later, it could be too late. With them knowing you are close to selling out your product, they may order because they really are not sure just how close you are.

The "Lowest ROI" Strategy
The "check out the lowest possible return on your investment..." strategy communicates to your business prospects that if they use just one strategy from your business info-product and gain just one lifetime customer, it will more than pay for their purchase price. You could also make it out as "just use one strategy and make one sale" if their profits from the sale of one of their products are higher than what you are selling yours for.

The "Talk To Yourself" Strategy
The "once you use it you'll say to yourself..." strategy communicates to your prospects what they will tell themselves once they gain the benefits from your product. It needs to be something that will attract them to buy instantly, like: "It's great! Why did I wait so long to buy it?" "If I would have bought this sooner, I wouldn't have had (a negative effect)."
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