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5 Tips For An Effective Landing Page, Which Will Explode Your Article Marketing Sales

Mar 27, 2008
The article marketing forms a decision making process for the reader, where an effective landing page has a very important role.

The effective landing page is the destination to where the content of the article must persuade him by making him to click the link in the Bio Box. This part of the process is called pre-selling.

The power of article marketing comes from the facts, that it is personal, your own voice and that it reveals the best benefit of an effective landing page..almost.

1.The Article Content Must Raise The Curiosity Of The Reader.
This is the whole idea. A good article marketing content is like a good movie. You will get the best part little by little, your enthusiasm increases gradually and finally you just have to click the link and you will be on an effective landing page.

It is important, that the whole article marketing process forms a process, which consists of different parts of the same idea.

This means that, if the visitor has found out your article from a directory, the copy pre-sells the idea of the article and the article pre-sells the idea of an effective landing page, where the sales will happen.

2.What Happens, When The Site Visitor Lands To The Landing Page?
We have to remember that before the reader lands, he has read the small text-ad at the directory, the 500 word article copy and he will most probable wait for the final climax from an effective landing page. Does he get that?

How does this moment of truth work? He has clicked the link full with curiosity, waiting that he will get something top-interesting.

3.Does Another Kilometer Long Sales Page Appear?
Hopefully not. Now it is the time for real action. If you have not yet picked his name and email, this is the right moment. Give the visitor a very useful gift for his information and you will make yourself possible to keep contact with him later on.

Or you can offer him a trial version of your service or a product. The idea is that the offer must feel very special for the limited time only. The key issue is however that you will get his information for the later use.

4. Change The Copy Of The Landing Page Regularly.
To increase the power of the effective landing page it is wise to change the copy and the gift or template every now and then, because many visitors are repeated visitors.

By changing the free gift you can give them fresh ideas and a reason to visit again. This is a real customer service.

5. Test Your Landing Pages By The Article Marketing.
To be able to find an effective landing page you can test different versions. Article marketing is a flexible media for this. You simply use different links in The Bio Box and see how many of your article readers will click the link and how many of them will fill in the optin form.

I want to stress the idea of the first impression. If the visitors first impression is bad, it is almost impossible to change it afterwards. But another way round, if it is good, the visit experience will be good, which will lead to bigger website sales and repeated visits.

The copy of the effective landing page must be short. You just thank the visitor and want to give him a useful gift. What a visitor must do is only filling his name and email address. Nothing else. He understands that those are required so that he is able to download something useful.
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