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Equestrian Jobs Online: How Horseback Riders Can Earn A Small Fortune On The Internet

Mar 27, 2008
Any one interested in an equestrian job online? Would you be interested in working from the comfort of your own home and whenever it suits you so that you have endless free time to spend with your horse?

Everywhere on the internet these days we come across outrageous claims: Make $10 000 in 24 hours! Make a fortune in thirty days! Absolutely everyone can do it! How to earn enough online to give up your day job and live on a beach forever after...but only if you buy this fantastic, incredible, exceptional and very expensive product first.

It's a bit like a gold-rush: everyone is going for it. Every eleven seconds a new home based online business is launched. Sadly, it is also a bit like the empty promises of losing ten pounds in one week: not only is it practically impossible to do, but you end up heavier than when you started. A very similar thing happens on the net.

Ninety percent of all new internet businesses fail within the first three months of going online. The get-rich-quick merchants get rich quicker and the budding internet entrepreneurs end up poorer than when they started.

For horse people, this earn-a-lot-of-money-quickly-and-easily is particularly tempting. We are often short of money as well as short of time. Horseback riding is an expensive sport, and keeping your own horses even more so. We are always interested in earning extra money, especially if it will not take up a lot of our riding time.

Earning a second or even a first income on the internet just isn't that easy. As with off-line business it involves a very steep learning curve, a solid business plan, tons of perseverance, some initial capital input and a fair amount of loss of precious riding time.

The outlook is bleak, unless you find a source of trustworthy, up-to-date information and lots of support ; finding suitable resources and perhaps even a mentor is more important than any other aspect of your new online business. It could save you hundreds of dollars and keep your self-esteem intact. Failing online as a business person is as harmful to your self-confidence as it would be off-line.

Don't get me wrong. Making money online is not difficult, and it certainly is no more difficult for horse people than other people, as long as you understand how the system works. And no get-rich-quick scheme is ever going to divulge this valuable information - it would cut off their spectacular income and give them lots of competition.

So what's the solution?

1. Find a reliable source of fresh information.
You need to learn how to run a business online just as you would off-line - don't waste your time ploughing through outdated useless information sold as the newest way to make money online.

2. Plan.
Planning is as important online as it is everywhere else. Decide how much you are going to spend, write a business plan, allocate time resources, set clear income goals and make sure you do not neglect the people closest to you, including your horse.

3. Avoid get-rich-quick schemes like the plague.

4. Join a forum where people with the same values and interests help each other with the day-to-day problems of running a business online.

Equestrian jobs on the internet can be very rewarding. And every one can make money online. Especially for equestrians, there are lots of exciting opportunities. Just don't think it is going to be a one man show. To succeed online you will need help, advice and mentoring - when you start out and for then joint venture and give-away partners as you become more successful.

Luckily horse people in general are herd animals. We have long since discovered than interaction with others, people and horses, enriches our lives. Follow this natural inclination online: Before you spend a single penny, find out what other horse people have to say about a specific investment.

With a little determination you will find some outstanding e-books and e-courses, blogs and membership sites exclusively for horse lovers that provide the necessary information and support you need to make an enormous success of equestrian jobs online.
About the Author
Dr Margarethe de Clermont is the founder of the Millionaire Equestrian Information Membership Site MEIMS and author of the "I want a Horse!" equestrian magazine that provides horse people with the information and support they need to earn serious money online. Find out more at www.equestrian-life-coaching.com
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