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Mar 27, 2008
When you became involved in network marketing you were determined to make the most of each and every opportunity. The odds are good that you kept your promise to yourself and you faithfully save contact information for every person you meet and conscientiously notate every email lead that pays off and nets you a response. Unless you are able to close the deal, however, even your best intentions are not going to be enough to help you to succeed in business and instead of growing your business by leaps and bounds, you will most likely find that you are limping behind the sales figures those in your up line think you should be producing by now.

As you can see, it is not the lack of diligence or the lack of leads that is doing you instead, it may quite possibly be a failure to close the deal because of a failure to understand the personality of the consumer or down line candidate across from you. This is even more critical in a day and age where much of marketing network success depends on your ability to deal with people you do not see, sometimes for years, simply by operating your business over the Internet. Indubitably you will agree that accurately reading people leads to marketing network success, yet when push comes to shove it is hard to figure out how to read someone, especially via email or teleconferencing.

Generally speaking, there are three types of personality you are most likely to encounter as you garner and follow up on leads. First and quite common is the rock like personality. Calm, collected and unwilling to make waves, this consumer will not come out and question you, your product or your network marketing opportunity but instead will nod, smile and say they will think it over. The odds are good that your follow up calls or emails will not receive any responses. The trick to making a sale with a rock like personality is to find out what kind of product they need and want and then find a way to offer your product as the solution to their perceived need or want.

Since this kind of consumer will not come right out and tell you what it is that they want, you most likely will have to ask questions and give the customer some room to answer. This is not a good candidate for a down line, however and unless prompted not useful for the expending of marketing time and energy. Opposite the rock like personality is the flittering butterfly. Expressive, with mouth and hands in constant motion, this customer will bombard you with questions but not sit still long enough to hear your answers. Sending you lengthy emails and leaving rambling voice mail messages, this personality requires you to take control of the sale and provide information in a much scaled down style so that sound bites can be digested while the mind is already formulating the next question.

If you remain calm, authoritative and insert just the right sound bites at the right time, you will have a customer for life and a great down line candidate. Perhaps the most challenging yet also most rewarding personality is the kind skeptic. Up on the information you are most likely to provide he or she is every salespersons worst nightmare and any network marketers absolute delight. While this kind of personality will question anything and everything you say, with the proper backup of your facts you will win a customer as well as a tireless down line distributor.
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