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Company Web Design - What You Should And Shouldn't Do To Convert Your Visitors

Mar 27, 2008
If you are a new or small business, establishing a company website is a necessary key to increasing your company's overall revenue. Without one, you will be losing thousands of dollars in sales to your competitors who are smart enough to have a presence on the web. However, just having a website is not good enough, it has to have certain elements to ensure you hook your customers and complete the sale.

A lot of companies think that they must have the most elaborate and flashy websites to set them apart from their competitors. This is simply not the case! They do look cool and cost a lot of money, but it is not needed and I do not recommend it at all. In order to have a website that turns visitors into paying customers you must have threes three components, easy to navigate, professional design, and a strong sales pitch and call to action. With the help of your web designer, you can establish these three things without much effort.

Why must your website be easy to navigate? Well, put yourself in the position of your visitors and potential customers. If you went to a website that was confusing or hard to navigate, would you stick around very long? I wouldn't stay more than a few seconds if I could not find what it was that I came looking for. Make sure that you have links to every page of your website at the top and the bottom of each page and make sure that they are active, clickable links. This is the first step to a high quality website.

Professionalism is key when it comes to selling your product or service online. Anyone can download a web template for free these days and most of them look pretty good. However, you should not fall victim to these freebies! If you want a professional looking website that really impresses your potential customers, you need to hire a professional web designer to help you with your company website design.

Lastly, you need a good, strong sales pitch and call to action. This is what will set your site above the competition, if done correctly. Make sure to have solid content on your home page that hooks your visitors and have a call to action within the first 100-200 pixels of your website. You should also have a call to action at the bottom of the page as well.

Never think that you have the perfect website. You should always be testing new content, different call to action locations, and anything that could have an impact on how your visitors view your products or services. Reevaluate your website today and if you need to call a professional web designer, find one with a solid reputation. Work hard and never cut corners and you will see success! I promise!
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Greg Shuey owns and operates a professional Web Design and search engine optimization company called Web Vizion. They focus on helping small companies establish their presence on the internet. Visit Web Vizion to learn more about our Small Business Solutions .
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