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How Do You Choose The Best Location For Your Next Trade Show Booth?

Mar 27, 2008
As they say, it is all about the location and trade show displays are definitely not an exception. In a trade show, it is important to be seen in the sea of trade show displays. It is a rather competitive effort since the location can make or break a trade show display. Unless the location is good, then visuals such as bright colours and graphics still may not be seen and, if they are, your display may just be a big bright dot at the end of the line of trade show displays that people become too weary to check out. That is why it is important to secure a prime location.

Finding a trade show display location is like real estate and this makes the location one of the most important factors that will determine whether or not you are successful in your business. The location of the booth is going to determine the amount of traffic that comes true and the amount of traffic is going to determine how many sales are going to be made. This means that location has an impact on the quality of the traffic that comes through. There's no need to waste a substantial amount of money being the big bright dot at the end of the line.

However, there is an aspect of finding a location for a trade show display that is different than real estate, and that's the fact that homebuyers tend to look for low traffic areas. You, on the other hand, want the home for your trade show display to be in areas of high traffic. Nevertheless, there are some high traffic areas that are important to stay away from such as entrances or exits.

The entrances and exits of a trade show are so busy that visitors hardly notice the booths that are located right next to the door. People are either focused on entering the show or going home. They also cannot see around each other to even see what is around them let alone try to shop at a trade center display when people are bumping into them and making a lot of noise. Although locating in these areas may seem like a good idea in order to be the first display seen or the last, the chaos is the ruler in this situation.

Psychologically speaking, Americans tend to visit trade show displays that are located on the right and Europeans tend to visit those trade show displays on their left. The reason for this is because people are trained to walk on a certain side of the hallway when walking down a hall and are trained to drive on a certain side of the road. This pattern also applies to how trade show visitors visit the booths of a trade show. Depending on where you are in the world when visiting a trade show, one side or the other is going to be crowded by those just entering the trade show. Although this may seem like a great opportunity to land sales, the congestion can actually hurt sales because it is very difficult to initiate conversation with the customers.

It is also important to look at nearby exhibits that have already been booked because it does not help to be sandwiched between two large booths offering incredible products. Many of the visitors get an impression of your booth by looking at those around you. If you're teeny tiny and the ones around you are huge and displaying flashing lights, a problem has occurred.

So what's the best location for a trade show display? Try somewhere in the middle. There's less congestion, and it is easier to locate between smaller booths and totally show them up. That way, your professionalism can stand out.
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