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7 Easy Ways to Blow Away the Competition

Mar 27, 2008
Building and maintaining relationships with your clients is one of the most important things you can do. Consistently provide them with relevant, useful information. Do this at LEAST once a month. Don't sit back and wait for them to contact you, let them know you're out there! They'll welcome the attention as long as you're providing useful, relevant information.

Establishing and maintaining relationships with your clients builds loyalty.

Stay motivated and educated. Follow current events. Learn a new skill, research and become an "expert" in a particular product. And when applicable, share these new discoveries with your clients.

And never underestimate the efforts of your competitors. If they're doing what you're not to establish and maintain relationships with your clients, you're likely to lose them.

Provide value, not just service to your clients. Become their "go to" person. Hook up with other competent professionals in related fields, and build relationships with them. By establishing a trusted network, you can provide your clients with resources in other areas of business. This can also be an excellent source of referrals for you.

Don't forget to ask for referrals from within your existing client base. By providing them with added value, they'll confidently refer you to their friends, family and associates.

By building relationships with your clients, they will feel confident in involving you in more of their long-term planning and consolidation.

Look at the types of clients you want. You should identify a single, exclusive demographic of your "ideal" clients, and focus your relationship building efforts on their perceptions, needs, and demands.

Learn all you can about what's important to that particular market. Use this information to work with the clients you want, and bypass the clients you don't want. Or, for example, if you want to target a particular type of business, learn all you can about the business, what's important to the owners and employees, what their fears and desires are and target your marketing efforts.

You could choose to target car dealerships. Or even more specifically, managers of car dealerships. Learn everything about them, and what their issues and concerns are. Become a specialist in dealing with their insurance needs for example.
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