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The Mechanics Of Internet Marketing

Mar 27, 2008
Discover why most aspiring internet marketers fail and what to do about it.

As aspiring internet marketers the biggest mistake most of us newcomers make is to dabble in things we don't properly understand. Let me give you a couple of examples from my own experience.

When I first got the bug to give it a go I set up an adwords account to promote my business. I came up with a list of keywords (600) if I remember right. Wrote an ad and started marketing. I then sat back and waited for the inquiries to roll in. Much to my surprise nothing happened. I got some clicks but no one called, no one signed up for my newsletter and I made no money. In fact all I got was a bill from Google.

Undeterred I widened my net. I found a product to promote that promised to cure yeast infections in 3 days. It seemed to be in demand and offered good conversion and earning potential. Again I put together a keyword list. This time I got hundreds of clicks but not a single person bought the product. Result, another net loss.

Now I could go on. I am ashamed to say I have at least a dozen further examples I could give, each one cost me money and I never made a single sale.

I felt pretty useless but some 6 weeks in I realized that if I was to succeed I needed to understand the mechanics of internet marketing so that I could build a money making business based on sound principles and a solid foundation.

Sure I'd picked up a lot of information through trial and error but let me tell you there are so many things to take account of that my head was spinning and I'd reached the point of paralysis by analysis. I didn't know what to do, when to do it or even why I was doing it.

Once I finally persuaded myself to step back - not an easy decision - I started looking for some sort of course that could teach me the basics in a logical way. A program that built step by step into a comprehensive body of information, tools and resources which could help make me successful.

And that's just what I did. By taking one step at a time, applying what I'd learned through consistent daily actions I was able to make the transformation from wannabe to professional internet marketer.

Anyone and I mean anyone can succeed at internet marketing. It takes time, patience and a lot of hard work but the rewards are likely to exceed anything that working 9 till 5 for the man can ever provide.

What I'd like you to take from this short article is one simple message. To exponentially increase your chances of success find a structured training course to teach you the mechanics of internet marketing.
About the Author
Mike is a full time internet marketer who loves nothing more than helping others to succeed.

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