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Website Building For Your Home Business Is Easy And Free

Mar 27, 2008
In this article you will learn that building and publishing websites is far easier than you think, and you certainly do not need expensive software to build them. For those starting an Internet basd home business, the ability to quickly and easily create your own purpose built websites will be a useful tool.

For may people the prospect of having to build a website is daunting. Where do you start? What software do you need? What pages do you need to include? How do I include things like forms so people can contact me?

For those with the financial budget available, the first option would be to engage the services of a professional website design service. For many, with a lower, or non-existent budget, the easy option would be to opt for some sort of online website building software. Maybe one that comes free with the web hosting service.

However both of these options have drawbacks. The Professional designer will undoubtedly produce a great looking website. The downside is that, first, you will have to spend hours working with them to decide the look, feel and functionality of your site, and, because you do not understand how it all works, any changes you want to make will have to be referred back to them - equals more expense.

The online website building software can look great to, and you have quite a bit of control over your website's design and content. But, my experience is that I have never found a single online website builder that does all that I wanted it to do. The other thing is that you are often limited to a certain number of templates, and they tend to look the same anyway.

So, if you could design and build your own website from scratch, and you were given some idea of the basics in terms of deciding site architecture, what pages you need to include, how to include forms to collect customer information, how to sell stuff, wouldn't it be better to build and publish your own websites?

So, don't you need expensive software, a graphics package, how much does Photoshop cost? What about software to create your website, how much is DreamWeaver?

The answer is certainly not! Open Source Software can provide you with an excellent range of functional html editors completely free. Similarly you can find free ftp software for uploading your website to your hosting service. What about Graphics - you can easily create great graphics using your wordprocessor, then use a free graphics package to convert your graphic to the right format for including in your web page.
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