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Advantages of Working at Home

Aug 17, 2007
There are many advantages for people who want to work from home instead of going into the office every day. Whether you are operating your own business from your home or simply have moved your office from your companies building to your home, there are interesting advantages that many people find. This article will discuss a few of these advantages for people who have taken the work at home approach.

As an employee, the majority of people are required to travel from their homes everyday to their place of work. They will use their own transportation or public transport and spend a great deal of time over the years just getting to and from work everyday. Even if you have a short commute of 15 minutes, you will spend two and a half hours every day going to and from work and the inherent cost associated with your travel. That's 125 days over your career assuming 200 workdays a year and 30 years of employment. Most people spend much more than 15 minutes, in fact a 1-hour commute is not uncommon and that translates to over one year of your life just getting to and from work!

Next we can add the cost of transportation, lunch, snacks, and coffee. At a relatively small amount of $10 a day for all of the above, this can translate into $60,000 dollars over your working life of 30 years. For some this is much more than a year's salary.

Many people working at home will tell you that the cost of clothing and other supporting items is not nearly what you need to have for being in the office. Depending on your clothing habits, significant savings can be found in this area as well.

Many people love the flexibility of being able to work at home and maintain their own hours. There is time for the kids in the morning and at night when they return from school and they find time to complete their work after the kids have gone off to bed.

One of the other advantages that many people emphasize is the increased degree of freedom they have to keep their own schedule and deal with personal business as well as your work. However while this is an advantage, workers routinely find themselves putting in more hours that they would have had they been at the office downtown. Their work at home office is only a few steps away and many will find that a 15 minute look at their email turns into an hour or more before they even realize that they have spent the time.

Discipline is a major requirement for most people who plan to work at home. Discipline to complete your work on time and discipline to avoid spending too many hours at your work at home activities.
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