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Overcome The Downsizing Dilemma With Your Own Network Marketing Business

Mar 27, 2008
It seems like the business world is being turned on its head lately. Even the jobs that were traditionally seen as secure are more and more often being outsourced, leaving many workers without a job and without any viable prospects. Some skilled professionals end up working in a field that is entirely different from their specialty and making a considerably lower income because their jobs have been sent overseas or eliminated by corporate downsizing.

Everyone has heard the horror stories coming from today's workplace: the dedicated employee who is laid off three months before retirement. The single mother who is working three jobs just to afford daycare and rent. The couple who can't afford to send their children to college because their paychecks have been going toward bills, not savings.

Even those who are lucky enough to make it to retirement with their careers intact face a hard road. It looks very likely that Social Security won't be providing any financial security for much longer, and many retirees are being forced to start second careers just to survive.

Add to that the facts that we are living much longer, retiring later and incurring long-term medical costs for age-related conditions. This all leads to a population of older folks who need a better solution for their working years.

What if you were able to work on your own terms? What if you could make enough money to pay all of your bills and put some aside every month in a savings or retirement account? The job security and income potential of a network marketing career have driven many people both experienced business people and newcomers to the field to adopt a self-directed

If you have spent tens of thousands of dollars or more on an education only to find that you are still vulnerable to the whims of the company or industry you work for, the chances are that you're feeling let down. You can turn your situation back to your favor by embarking on a network marketing career. Network marketing has gotten a bad reputation from some people who would have you believe that it's not a real business. The truth of the matter is that network marketing is not only a real business; it can change your life permanently.

In order to start a network marketing business, all that's really required is some spare time, a computer, and the willingness to use or develop your networking skills. You don't have to invest a huge sum of money, and there is no need to rent office space. You can run your network marketing job part-time from home in your pajamas if you choose.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a full-time commitment, network marketing lends itself very well to full-time work. The more time that you are willing to put in to developing your skills and building a network, the larger your income will be.

A network marketing business also gives you the unique ability to earn passive income for work you've already done. You can keep earning from contacts that you made months ago and the passive income can continue to grow indefinitely, depending on the particular product or service that you are representing. In general, your network marketing business will require more of a time investment at first, but once you have an established base of contacts you'll have more time to yourself as your passive income grows.

The tax benefits of owning your own business can also be surprisingly high. Working from home means that you can claim your home office equipment and supplies as deductions on your taxes. Even things like utilities and internet charges may be counted as business expenses.

There has never been a better time to be your own boss. When you work for yourself, you don't have to worry about layoffs, outsourcing, or pay cuts. You are in charge of your own income and your own future. A network marketing business offers you the freedom and flexibility to make your own decisions. You decide how many hours to put in each week; you decide whether to keep your day job or make network marketing your one and only endeavor. You decide how much passive income you will generate for the rest of
your career.

When you are ready to stop being a corporate slave and start working toward your own future, it's time to learn more about network marketing. Take control of your future, develop your skills, and build the life that you've only been able to dream about from that office building cubicle.
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