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Pocket Knife, Great Gifts for Men

Mar 27, 2008
A very versatile tool, the pocket knife is usually one of the first things a man pulls out of his pocket to fix something. Pocket knives are a knife that folds into itself and fits in your pocket. Anything longer than about 3 to 5 inches long is considered a switchblade or hunting knife and men or women don't like to put those in their pockets.

Pocket Knife for Men's Gifts

A pocket knife makes a great gift for the man in your life. There are several kinds to choose from and various price ranges. A simple pocket knife is very reasonable priced and have many different handle styles to choose from. They make camouflage styles for the hunter in your life; pearl or real wood for a more classical looking pocket knife and then the plain plastic for everyday use. A man could have a set of pocket knives, one for everyday of the week and one for every use he might come across.

Different Kinds of Pocket Knives

There are several knives that are just that, a pocket knife with one blade, but there are others that are made in other countries that are multifaceted and do a host of other things besides slice. One manufacture makes a pocket knife that has the knife, a toenail clippers, bottle opener, tweezers and file all in one casing. Depending on where you order or purchase this brand of pocket knife, you can custom build your multifaceted pocket knife with just about anything you may need on it. There are some companies that are now offering pocket knives with digital cameras and spy items such as digital voice recorders if your man is into such things.

If you are stranded by the side of the road with a flat tire and need a screwdriver, a pocket knife makes the perfect screwdriver. And the multifaceted pocket knives already have a screwdriver built-in and with today's technology, some even come with a small flashlight that might be helpful in this situation.

Pocket knives are great for men who hunt and fish. They make a hook on the end of one of the blades and this helps with the gutting of the fish or animal and they are sharp for a small blade.

Pocket knives are a great gift for men of all ages, from your son to your grandfather, they can never have enough styles of pocket knives and you will probably hear a story or two if you give your grandfather a pocket knife, about the time he got his first one from his father or parents.

Tradition of Pocket Knife Gift Giving

It seems a rite-of-passage when a boy gets his first pocket knife from his father or another male family member or friend. A mother can also purchase her son his first pocket knife. Someone who can show him how to use it and take care of it and not get hurt while using it or putting it away. While a young boy might be old enough to own a pocket knife, but he might not be mature enough to own one. This is for his parents to decide. He might even purchase one with his allowance, but again, this is up to his parents to decide if it's a good idea or not.

Go To the People Who Know Pocket Knives

Purchasing a pocket knife from a large department store can be a hassle because you are pretty much on your own. Sometimes they carry them behind a glass case and you have to ask someone to help you.

If you go to a sporting goods store, they will help you in deciding which pocket knife would be best for which man you are purchasing it for. They will know the difference between a plain stainless steel model and a brushed stainless steel pocket knife. These are the people you want to have helping you. They will tell you that a young boy only needs a single bladed pocket knife to start out with if he is only going to be fixing his bike or gutting a fish some of the knives come with a hook end just for this type of job. And they will tell you that your husband or boyfriend would like one of the multifaceted pocket knives with as many gadgets as it can hold because you never know when he might need a cork screw or nail file. And for your grandfather, that depend on what you know about him and if he likes to fish or golf or fix engines or just putter around the house.

You can find a great pocket knife for a gift for any man in your life, no matter if it is your son or your grandfather.
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