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Create A Marketing Funnel That Makes You Money All The Time

Mar 27, 2008
A Marketing Funnel is the infrastructure or foundation of your business. It allows you to multiply your income by marketing your products and services, so you can build the business your really want and live the life you deserve.

Many Solo-Entrepreneurs get caught in the trap of working hour fordollars, so they only get paid when they work. We want to show you a much easier way to convert prospects into customers for life so you can create products that produce passive income.

Imagine a funnel with the wide end at the top and the narrow end at the bottom. You want to get as many people as possible into your funnel at the top and guide them through to the very bottom. Here's how you do this.

1) Offer a free item such as an ebook, report, audio class on your site, blog or through your ezines and landing pages.

2) Once you've got their information start upselling them into low and mid-priced products or services such as a 1 day bootcamp,
teleseminar, manual.

3) Continue to upsell customers into high end coaching programs, retreats, products.

The aim is to get as many prospects as possible at the top using various lead generation efforts and out of those, create loyal
customers who will pay for a membership continuity program and big pay days.

You need multiple streams of income to thrive as a business owner, so you must also create products out of everything you do that you can sell all the time on your sites.

For example: You sell a teleseminar series. After the series is recorded, you can have each call transcribed and sell the cds with
the manual for a higher price point.

A well designed funnel helps you to create and sell information marketing products. These are products created out of material that you document or record to be repackaged and sold to customers.

Not everyone will follow you through the funnel from beginning to end, in fact, only a few will, but these will be high paying customers who will make you more money in the end. Some prospects will never get past the Free items on offer, but that's ok because you don't want those tire kickers anyway. Others will never spend more than a certain amount with you, but they might do this for years to come!

What's in your marketing funnel? Take out a sheet of paper, draw a funnel shape and list the products and services you offer. Do you see any gaps in your offerings from Free to high priced? Figure out what you can do to fill these gaps and offer a range of pricing options.

This is a great exercise to see your business assets at a glance, and begin to build on them and multiply your income.
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Yasmin Razaq shows small Business owners, Entrepreneurs and Coaches how to attract new clients, increase sales and create passive income. To download a FREE ECourse and Audio Class on Successful Marketing Online, go to http://thecoachescorneronline.com
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