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Build Your List And Make Money Selling Affiliate Products

Mar 27, 2008
The easiest way to get started in internet marketing is by promoting and selling affiliate products. There is a lot of money in selling other people's products, and you will get a much faster start then you would trying to test and develop your own product. I am not even remotely suggesting you give up on your own projects. Developing a product, service, or program that belongs to you, will make you more money than you could even dream of, but that could take years, testing, and then leave you financially devastated in the end.

The affiliate products you choose to promote should be relevant to your list. You don't want to come out of left field with something your list will never buy. It doesn't work and I would think the reasons for that are obvious. Mainly lots of unsubscribes that will unravel your list. Search around for products and services, try them out for quality control before introducing them to your list. You may have to join more than one site to find what your list is asking for.

An excellent site to find affiliate products and services to fit your niche is ClickBank. ClickBank has a vast variety of categories and affiliate products to search through. If there is a niche for it, there is an audience, if there is an audience, you will most likely find what you are looking for on ClickBank.

Find and decide on four or five products you feel would be worthwhile promoting to your list. Try out the products you choose for yourself to be totally sure that a particular product is good enough for your list. Most affiliate programs are free to join and of course I recommend those first! When you find the products/services you want to promote, you'll be given a unique affiliate link, which will track all sales made through your link, and credit your account with those sales.

After you get your affiliate links, which are long and ugly lookin', go to TinyURL. Put in each link, one at a time, and TinyURL will turn that link into a more feasible link that is much easier to cope with and can be sent out in the emails you send to your list.

Affiliate products kick ass in a lot of other ways, too. As an affiliate marketer, you don't have to worry about inventory, orders, tracking, payment from the buyer, payment to you, sales pages, customer complaints, product shipment, product return, refunds, or any of the other hassles that come along with owning a business and selling your own product. The seller deals with all of the details. You do a little advertising and get paid, simple as that.

There are bunches of people who have made their fortunes in affiliate marketing and they are still raking it in. For myself, it was so easy and convenient to market other people's stuff and get paid, it's the route I chose to take. It is especially beneficial to people just getting started in online marketing. The product is a no-brainer, which leaves you open to learn the technical aspects of marketing online, like getting your website and/or blog set up, a hosting account, autoresponder, squeeze page, etc.

There is a lot to learn, but as you progress, you will be repeating some things, so you will get better and better at them. When you start into your learning curve, you will actually notice that your way of thinking will change. Things you didn't understand before, will become crystal clear and you will tie it in with all your other new found knowledge.
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