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How to find an On-Line Business Mentor

Mar 27, 2008
It's a fact: entrepreneurs who use mentors are more victorious than those who don't. If you think you can't find the money for a mentor, ask yourself this: can you afford NOT to? If you're like me - and most other entrepreneurs - then you're viciously independent as far as your business is concerned. And if you are at your "day job," I'll anticipate your very first reasons why you want to start making money for yourself online is for the reason that you're sick and tired of hiring your self out.

This renegade "do-it-yourself" mindset can be one of your greatest strengths as an entrepreneur.

When you are the only one who is accountable for your business results (or lack of them), you become extremely encouraged to create your own achievements. However, the fact remains that being a "loner' can create a whole lot of problems, too.

When you hit a roadblock, there's nobody to turn to for guidance. Answers that would be a phone call away if you worked in an office can turn into days of frustration and a lot of wasted money when you're working alone.

Because you are a lone, you may never resolve the problem - becoming totally stuck, or choosing substitute a bunch of excuses for why you can't fix it yourself.

The greatest entrepreneurs rely a great deal on their mentors And they are not uncomfortable or embarrassed to admit that .

Now, you might well be saying, to your self "Ha, if you guys are making "A Pile", what the heck do YOU need mentors for?" Why does someone making "a Pile " every month need a mentor?

Successful people have mentors for the same reason that David Beckham has coaches. To keep on top of their game.

My mentors give me a fresh perspective on marketing angles... open my eyes to exciting new product ideas and any revenue streams to pursue... and use their knowledge to help me avoid costly mistakes.

Mentors will give new resources and show you new connections as well as putting an end to your excuses. When you come up with a reason why not; they will show how!

Mentors guide me down the path of success, pointing out the road blocks and mistakes so I can avoid making them in the first place!

It's extremely powerful to have someone watching over you like this, making sure you don't make mistakes, showing you easier approaches, motivating you - practically holding your hand and leading you to profits.

So if you want to have hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales, get yourself a mentor.

Put yourself in line to make MILLIONS by getting a mentor and follow their advice

That's why I firmly believe that - whether you're just getting started or you're already extremely successful - you can always be MORE successful with a mentor. Mentors aren't just for people who already have businesses...

So what happens if you have a mentor, what are some of the awards:

1. Get ideas for your new business.

Even if you don't have a business idea yet, a mentor can help you take that first step. They can guide you in choosing a business that fits with your talents and interests ... They can help you work out a business idea for you and tell you what it is "worth" (in terms of potential profit)... And your mentor can help you develop a solid business plan! (this is so important)

With a mentor you can identify tasks that are taking up your valuable time, and show you quick, easy, and inexpensive ways to outsource or automate these chores so that you're working ON your business, not IN your business! This is so important. Get a lot more of the right work done in far less time. When you are working on your own, your lack of experience and outlook, which can cause you to waste time on many areas of your business.

If you are only relying on your friends and family for business advice it can be very risky if they're not so well informed. A mentor, on the other hand, has the benefit of years of experience and tens of thousands of dollars in research and testing behind them. Get honest, informed advice. When you are the president and only employee of your own company, it is very hard to know where to go for really good and honest advice.

4. Develop accountability and motivation. When you are just started out, it is very easy to drag your feet because you're not seeing any results. A mentor can help you set and achieve very practical milestones, so you that you will enjoy the motivating sense of achievement that comes with meeting your goals, even before you start to see your income increase.

You can avoid the costly mistakes and fast track your success so you see profits sooner! By skipping the learning curve - and avoid costly mistakes! When you have guidance of a skilled mentor, you can skip the learning curve and do what is already been proven to work, right at the start of you business.

You will make more money, because, as has been said before it is a know fact that people who work with personal mentors are constantly more successful than people who do not. The reason is because the job of a mentor is to make YOU more positive, more effective, and ultimately much more profitable than your competitors.

The truth if the matter is: When you succeed, so do they! Now the question is: How do you find the right mentor for you?

We have established the fact that a mentor can help you and your business grow and you are more then likely thinking .how can you find one. This can be a difficult step to take.

You are more then likely thinking that a mentor, by tradition would be a senior-level executive who takes you under his wing because he/she sees something in you.

You are more then likely working out of your spare room or a space under the stairs with only the dog for company.

There are hundreds of people calling themselves " success mentors" or " private business coaches" and marketing themselves as such. These people recognize the fact, that there is money in marketing themselves by selling their services to people like you and I.

The really bad news is that on the whole, it is true of most of them that they won't help you make a single dime.

These people figure out that it is much easier to tutor success than in fact achieve it themselves! The reason why is? The mainstream of the people selling themselves are people who have failed - often regularly - at their business ventures.

A mentor should be someone you trust and admire. A mentor should be trustworthy, and you should feel comfortable sharing your triumphs and your struggles with. Check their credentials! The reason after all is, this person will be who you'll be entrusting your future success to... . A mentor should be someone trust and you should feel comfortable sharing your triumphs and your struggles with.

Some questions you should ask a impeding mentor: Who are your mentors and experts that you can call on if you can't answer my questions? Who taught YOU about making money online? Do you specialize in working with online businesses?

So your question How to find a On-Line Business Mentor is answered here

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