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Choosing Between The Wealth Funnel Or Reverse Funnel System.

Mar 27, 2008
You are reading this article for a reason. You are investigating options in making money from home and are trying to choose one of many systems to become involved with.

This article will put two popular systems side by side as to assist in your decision making process. These two systems are The Wealth Funnel System and The Reverse Funnel System.

There are things to investigate and for most people the first thing is the cost to join and any monthly fees that might be incurred. The cost to join is quite different from one to the other. The Wealth Funnel System will run you $997 to join and have a monthly hosting fee of $49.95, where The Reverse Funnel System will run you $2995 to join and have a monthly hosting fee of $299. With this system you also incur a $50 expense just to receive the basic information.

The next area of concern for someone looking to participate in either of these opportunities is what kind of education and/or support is available to those who participate in each opportunity. In The Wealth Funnel System, you will be educated (with the help of step by step videos and continuing educational webinars) on how to effectively market online with both free and paid marketing methods. A support center is also in place to answer any questions you or your prospects may have and assist you in closing sales. A technical support center is also provided for all of the members. The Reverse Funnel System advises you to have an additional $2,000-$5,000 for advertising costs and has no support structure or call center in place.

It is also important to consider the founders of these opportunities. Let's take a look:

A gentleman by the name of Derrick Harper formed The Wealth Funnel System. No, not the former NBA star. Derrick has spent many years developing internet marketing strategies for many top companies such as Weber Grills.

The developer of The Reverse Funnel System is Ty Coughlin. According to his website, he was a construction worker less than a year ago and is now currently living the good life all because of The Reverse Funnel System. If you do some research you find out this is not the case at all. He earned significant income from another system a couple of years ago.

The names of these two popular systems may look the same but in fact they are quite different. My hope is that you can now make an informed decision when it comes to joining either of these two systems.
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The internet has plenty of scams. Joseph Munzer would like to invite you to take a close look at a proven home based business and have a look at The Wealth Funnel System .
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