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How Does A Highly Profitable Internet Home Business Look Like

Mar 27, 2008
It should convert well with many internet home business programs and persuade repeated customersto come again and again.

Despite of the noble targets and best advices, most of the internet home business websites do not succeed, but simply fail for many reasons. I think one of the most popular reasons is that the owners think that this is so easy.

But like in all businesses, also in the internet home business, the basic things must be in shape. The most important is the shop, I mean the website, because that is our major tool. When you read the writings of the internet home business gurus, you will soon see, that they repeat the same basic things.

In this article I will go through the three most important groundbreaking factors, which must be okay, before the business can become successful.

1. The Internet Home Business Site Must Be Planned For Your Affiliate Programs.
The website is your shop in the Net, it is your own marketplace and your major tool to build your own image, called the brand. The business plan determines, how your offer is different from thousands of others, how you stand out from the crowd of the competitors.

This requires in most cases that you shall put yourself into fire and start to market in your own personal way. This gives a lot of extra power to the marketing and you will become an authority in your field over time.

This has a good influence on the conversions of your affiliate links, AdSense ads, optin forms and so on. The key to success is the trust. If the internet home business marketer is able to build up the trust with his or her customers, it means a long term success to the business.

Stats show that usually the prospect needs about from 5 to 7 contacts before he even thinks about buying something. And generally people do not want to be an object of the sales pitch, they need information and help.

Now wew come to the most important point concerning the content. The site must have useful and fresh content, which responds to the needs of the average person in the target group.

2. Give An Extra Gift To The Prospect.
An extra incentive can be the final kick for the prospect which triggers the buying process and make it nice and reasonable to do it right now. Or it can be just the big difference vs. the other offers. On the other hand some programs do not offer extra gifts simply because they convert so well, that there is no need to do that.

Or the high converting websites have the strategy, which gives the high conversions plus a nice, valuable prizes, which even increases the conversion rates. What a winning combination.

3. To Become Successful The Site Needs Traffic.
The more traffic you can generate the better and if the traffic is related and pre-sold even better. The internet home business is the numbers`game, which means the for every sale, you need hundreds of site visitors.

I love the method of getting pre-sold traffic to the site, because that follows the psychological idea of the sales process, which is a multi-step process. For this purpose the article writing is the best method, that is my opinion.

The major idea of pre-selling is to warm up the reader, not to reveal everything, and persuade him to click the link to be able to get what is waiting on the landing page.

If the articles are keyword optimized and distributed to hundreds or thousands of websites and directories, they will bring targeted traffic in the short and long term.

Additionally, the articles will increase the search engine ranking of your home page, which happens little by little, and this will bring a nice flow of organic traffic again and again.
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