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5 Benefits For Martial Arts Teachers To Expand Their Business Online

Mar 27, 2008
Martial arts is slowly starting to seem like the skills of a bygone era with many of the heroes and villains of today's cinema preferring guns and bombs to actual close-combat. However, when it comes to everyday self-defense, there is nothing better than being equipped with the old-school skills learnt through martial arts.

Perhaps this is why the art of teaching the skills has remained in business, and whether you are in American or anywhere else in the world, the chances are quite likely that you'll be able to find a martial arts school somewhere around your area. But while the interest is being sustained, it is getting more difficult for these schools to secure students, as the competition increases not only amongst other martial arts schools but also amongst other skills and sports that students can choose as alternatives.

If you are a martial arts teacher, you know only too well the importance of marketing your services and expertise to ensure you get a large enough group of students - and one great additional way for you to market yourself is through the Internet. With a simple set up involving just a domain and blog that can be set up easily and at a low cost, you can give your business and career as a martial arts specialist a big boost.

1.Get More Students
Since you are constantly in competition with many other individuals and businesses around you that provide similar services, it is always important to have the upper hand. Naturally, by having your business go online, you have access to thousands more people in and around your area that come across your website, creating greater opportunities for more business.

2.Appear More Established
By having your own domain, which you can place on your business card and in your classified ads, you provide your prospects with a facade that is more professional and established, giving you that edge over the others that don't. It also gives your prospective clients a chance to learn more about you and your services from the convenience of their home, increasing the possibility that MORE people check out what you have to offer.

3.Build Your Reputation
By getting a domain that is your own name, your websites serves an additional purpose - to build up your reputation in the online world as a martial arts specialist. Anyone that visits your website and blog will know of your name and of your services, and over time, that prominence will spill over into the real world, providing an additional impact for your career.

4.Start A Newsletter
You can also make money from your website by starting a weekly newsletter providing training tips and tricks for your students to learn from home. In exchange for receiving regular e-mails filled with your expertise, your visitors can pay you a monthly fee to be on your mailing list.

5.Sell E-Books
Another way you can make money is to write e-books on your chosen martial art, or arts, if you know a few. Information sells well online, and if you can craft an book (it doesn't have to be more than 30 - 60 pages) in an electronic format, such as PDF, you can sell it to visitors of your website for a fee. Almost everything you make will be profit since you have no overhead costs such as printing, handling and distribution!

While martial arts are an ancient and revered skill, it would do no harm to bring it to the forefront of technology (in a sense!) and bring your training expertise online. With insanely low start-up costs and a great number of benefits to be enjoyed, this is a great way for you to 'knock-out' the competition!
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