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How To Create a Profitable Autoresponders Sequence

Mar 27, 2008
Autoresponder is a great tool to follow-up with your prospects. You know it and you had your autoresponder service in place, now what?

The next things you need to do is to fill up your autoresponder with email sequence. This is where average online business owners got stuck.

What to write on your autoresponder sequence? The answer is simple.

Write what you promised to people who subscribes and what would lead them to take the kind of response you want from them. If you promise them a free ecourse, then write the free ecourse. If you promise them a product review, then write the review. If you promise them a free ebook, then write where they can download the free ebook.

Now you know what you should write about but you must pay attention on how you should write it. This is where you should keep in mind of what kind of action you want your reader to take. It could be that you want to have your reader to trust you as an expert in certain field. If this is the case then you should write something long enough and in full details that can convey the message: "you are the expert".

You also might want them to purchase your products or affiliate products you are promoting. If this is what in your mind, then you should describe the benefits your reader can have if they purchase the products. You also want to tell them to make a purchase at the end of each of your autoresponder sequence.

So, just by thinking what would be the promise to your readers and what kind of action you want them to take,
you can get a lot of ideas for your autoresponder sequence.

Let me explain autoresponder sequence writing in more detail. First of all, your must understand that people can easily forgot a piece of information nowadays, because there are too much information available online.
To be able to compete with other competition, you want to show up in your readers inbox everyday. Therefore, it is best to create autoresponder sequence that sends email every day.

Put something in the title to remind them where they get your email in the first place. Also, you want to emphasize that in your email body as well. Here's a short example.

Title: [Your Business Name Here] %firstname%, a shorcut to ____ (Day 1)

Body: You received this email from Fidens Felix (or write your business name here) as part of your free ecourse on ____

If your readers see this they will at least remember your name or your business name. Repetition works. But exactly, how many emails should you prepare on your autoresponder sequence.

Some marketing researches remark that people would not take the desired action until they received, on average, seven times contacts. Putting this into practice, you should at least create an autoresponder sequence that has seven parts.

Now that you have understand how to create autoresponder sequence, it is time to take action. Knowledge will not be useful until you put it into work.
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