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Aug 17, 2007
Ebay has provided quite a bit of opportunities for people to succeed. You can even create your own online store with Ebay, for as little as 15.95 dollars a month. Quite a few opportunities are available for those who want to sell on Ebay.

Ebay basically sells items in one of two ways, a fixed price or an auction price. A fixed price is one where the purchaser just buys the product at a standard set selling price. This item can be purchased and the buyer does not have to wait for a certain closing date before purchasing this item.

Furthermore, this item can be shipped immediately upon payment. Items can also be sold in an auction. When items are sold this way, the online Ebay auction usually goes on for a specific number of days.

During this time, which is usually between 3 to 10 days, people will bid, which means to name the price that they would be willing to pay for this item. The item will then go to the highest bidder upon close of the auction.

If you set up your own Ebay store, you can have all the items that you sell, set up right in that store. This provides a way in which you can showcase everything that you sell.

Setting up your own Ebay store also lets others know that have either purchased items from you already or those that want to purchase from you to see all the other great products that you have.

If you decide to set up an Ebay store, you will even reap more profit when you set up a featured store ($49.95). When you set up a featured store you will receive $30.00 worth of pay per click advertising which will help generate more traffic to your site.

This is especially important for those who are dedicated to the product or services that they sell, and who are committed to making the Ebay system work for them. You will also have more pages with a featured store than those who have a basic store because these pages mean more exposure on Ebay for you.

Another benefit of the feature store is that one that delivers you advanced reports which will help you decide on future products to sell in your Ebay store. This will help you plan for improving how you construct your Ebay store pages in order to drive more traffic to your auctions. This will also help you present your items in a more pleasing way in order to increase profit as well.

All those who sell with Ebay and especially those who have their own Ebay stores have a certain amount of seller's protection when they join Ebay. Furthermore, Ebay has a dispute resolution program that helps both buyers and sellers alike. This will help with making Ebay sales as great of an experience that it is meant to be.

For those that want more information regarding Ebay they can go through the Ebay help system to find all the answers to the questions that they have regarding starting a store.

Furthermore, there is an Ebay community of other buyers and sellers that you can interact with. This will help build your report and bring more traffics to your auctions as well.
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