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Mar 28, 2008
You write your content effectively, you follow what you believe are the "Golden Rules", you watch how and where the content is placed on pages and yet you seem to not be able to get your web site ranked highly enough no matter what you do. You do your research and find yet more information that you feel may be attributing to the issue and start all over once more trying ever more to overcome the problem without success.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies have been trying for years to figure out the magic behind what the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN are looking for when determining whether your content and what you are doing with your web site merits moving you up in the ranks to allow your website to show anywhere close to the top 10 or 20 spots that are valued so highly.

If we look back over the years, we find that there were specific search engine optimization techniques and practices specific to each of the major search engine players. For one it might be something as simple as, placing two repetitions of every keyword side-by-side in your meta keywords tag. In another it might have been something as simple as place your text on the page in a font size and color that was overly readable and started in the upper left of the page.

Today, there has been some consistency brought to the table and the majority of SEO can be done with the same rules and standards in mind. A few easy to remember techniques such as using keywords appropriately, adding more static and easily crawled text, and promoting sites through social networks, and directory services have made things much easier across the board for everyone. A lot of people still have questions and concerns about which engines they should target and why some search engines seem to work better for them than others.

What has been found is that beyond the obvious (on page content and web site design), other factors too can effect if and how you may get ranked. The age or newness of a site as an example can keep a site from being ranked at all, let alone moving up in the ranks. The type of content and the relevancy to the business or services being promoted will play a large part in this as well.

Most recently, due to the acceptance of Blogs, social networking sites such as MySpace and other sites that promote online interaction and postings, the avenues and approaches for getting a web site noticed has changed. Utilizing some industry accepted and search engine friendly techniques, one can very quickly get their web site noticed, indexed by the major search engine players and ultimately starting the ever sought after goal of being ranked high on the board.

So as the times change and lifestyles and social networking and blogs grow even more, the job of search optimization will always need to be reviewed, but staying in touch with these changes will allow this process to work in a very positive way and to the benefit of everyone concerned.
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