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Should You Believe The Income Screenshots For Making Money Online Opportunities?

Mar 28, 2008
Here is the basic concept of most money making strategies being sold on the internet: If you want to succeed making money online, do the same as someone who is already successful. With all the competition on the internet, each one needs to outdo the other, convincing you that their way is the best.

One of their most convincing ways to show their system's superiority is to show screenshots of their income. Some are copies of checks, ClickBank daily income transactions, accounting statements, or a spread sheet, to name a few.

Regardless of the type of income being shown as proof, you need to ask one very important question.

What date is on the proof? This is very important because the internet world is changing exponentially each year. Something that is state of the art today can be obsolete in several months.

Think about a new computer purchased in 2006. Today that computer would be a relic. There have been so many improvements since then where today's computers are just a different animal.

The internet changes even more quickly than computer technology. Strategies to make money in 2006 may be totally outdated and nonapplicable today. Google has changed its ranking algorithms for search rankings, adwords, and adsense has changed several times. Some niches are no longer niches.

Google has made several major changes affecting income strategies in the past two years. In April 2008, Google Adwords stated that display URLs for new ads will be required to match their destination/landing page URLs. We now have to see how this will impact present money making strategies.


What should you do? First and foremost, ask for very recent proof of income statements. They can email it to you and even have you sign a confidentiality agreement if needed.

See if they have a telephone number. That is best. Or, if they don't have an email, or don't respond to an email, pass on the offer.

The screenshots that show large amounts of income need to be scrutinized. If there is a money back guarantee, you can do an in depth investigation with no risk. Be careful not to invest too much time or money if the program shows outdated information.

Even if they do show a large income which is believable, find out how long it took to get that high income stream and what strategy was used. High amounts may be niches that may not be able to be duplicated today.
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