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Simple Website Building Training For Effective Fast Home Business Websites

Mar 28, 2008
It is a complete myth that you need advanced technical knowledge to build effective websites. If you are reading this, then you must be a computer user, and the chances are you are a regular computer user with a working knowledge of how to use a number of programmes. Word Processing, spreadsheets, maybe PowerPoint, obviously the Internet, email? In this article I am going to explain why your existing technical knowledge is all you need to build websites. I will show you how with simple website building training can result in you being able to build effective websites easily and quickly.

For most people building an online business a web presence is essential. It is true that you can easily develop blog pages, and maybe the business program you are following provides you with a purpose built website. But if you are developing a number of income streams then the chances are that the ability to quickly create and publish your own purpose designed website will be a valuable asset. My own experience is that I could never find a website building tool that did everything I wanted it to do. They each seem to offer differing functionalities, and despite spending a fair amount of time looking, I could not find one that did the job.

Some of my sites are a single page, others are minisites of around 20 - 25 pages and my main site is becoming huge. I built all of these sites with no software engineering background. The truth is you don't need years at college to learn how to do it. It is true that I had no one to show me how to do many of the simple tasks I needed to be able to do. I had to spend many hours on the internet researching how to do them. But once I knew how I was amazed at how simple it all is

The other thing that amazed me is that the software I need is completely free. I did not have to splash out hundreds of pounds to by DreamWeaver. I use NVU - completely free under Open Source. Similarly, I use the FileZilla FTP program to upload my websites to my web hosting service. And I also discovered that I can produce great graphics using my word processor. I can manipulate images, background colours and text to create web page header graphics and advertising banners. Easy! I also discovered how easy - and free - it is to use professional web designs and get great content. With a very basic knowledge and my existing expertise I can create a 20 page content rich website in about two hours
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